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HP 240 G7 Notebook PC Review


HP 240 G7 is one of the fastest laptops in the market today. With an Intel Core i7 processor, this laptop has fantastic speed. And it has an attractive price in India. It has a 720p display and runs on the Windows 8 operating system. It also has a large battery that can last up to six hours.

Price in India

The HP 240 G7 is a new breed of laptop that offers performance and features in a compact package. As for performance, this machine is powered by a 1.2 GHz Intel Core i3-1005G1 Dual-Core processor. It also provides some exciting features: Intel UHD Graphics 620 and 256GB SSD. You’ll find a full-size island-style keyboard, a 14″ HD SVA eDP display, and dual speakers in the nitty gritty. On the plus side, it has a battery life of about four hours.

As with most devices, the HP 240 G7 has its flaws. However, the laptop is priced at a relatively reasonable price tag of just over half a grand in India. So if you’re after the best deal, it pays to shop around.


The HP 240 G7 Notebook PC is a practical laptop. It’s thin, durable, and offers plenty of storage. It’s also equipped with the latest technology. This makes it ideal for work and entertainment. It’s also designed to connect to peripherals. The design of the laptop is sleek and straightforward and isn’t cluttered with too many features.

The HP 240 G7 has a 14-inch WLED display. The resolution is 1366 x 768, which means it’s not as straightforward as a higher-end device, but it’s still quite good. If you want a better viewing experience, consider an IPS panel.

The Intel Celeron N4000 CPU is swift, and its 2.6GHz burst frequency will help you multitask. It’s also backed by 4GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM and has a 4 MB cache. That’s enough to get through most applications without a hitch.

The clock frequency of a multi-core hp 240 g7

The HP 240 g7 is a pretty good ol’ fashioned workhorse. It’s got all the hardware a seasoned techie could need and more. It makes for a worthwhile upgrade to your office or dorm room. The best part is it’s a cinch to get. The price tag is just a few bucks more than you can put in your pocket or wallet and get out the door without an arm and a leg. An express limited warranty even covers it. In addition, the company has a good track record when it comes to customer service. The company has a no-questions-required policy on its most important products, and the warranty gurus are on call should a problem crop up. The company also has robust security software offerings, including BIOS and Windows defender.


The HP 240 G7 is excellent for those looking to get the most for their buck. It features an impressive list of specifications for a sub-$1000 price tag. With a 14-inch, WLED-backlit display, a 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, and Windows 10 Pro, this is one slick piece of engineering to take with you to work. In addition to the hardware, the company also includes a suite of collaboration and security features to help you stay up and running. So despite its low price, you’ll still enjoy the best of the web and your favorite apps.

While the HP 240 G7 may not be the first PC you think of when you need a new computer; it’s a worthy contender. With an innovative design, an attractive price tag, and a long-lasting battery, it’s a laptop you’ll be glad you chose.

Battery life

Despite its simple design, the HP 240 G7 provides decent battery life for an entry-level laptop. This is partly due to its Intel Core i5 processor, which can boost the CPU to 3.2 GHz.

HP 250 G7 also has 8GB RAM and a 250GB SSD. This ensures that the system is fast and responsive. However, its speakers are not the best. They are a bit nasal and low in volume.

In addition, the HP 240 G7 has an embossed texture on its plastic panels, which makes the surfaces grippier. This is good, but it might make the laptop’s color less vibrant.

On the plus side, the laptop’s screen is relatively bright. This means that the colors are not dark or desaturated. Of course, this is not ideal for watching videos, but it does cover a fair portion of the Adobe RGB gamut.