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Investing in Soccer Trading Cards


Soccer trading cards offer an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Premium sets featuring top players and memorabilia patches – such as match-worn material – can cost thousands per sealed box.

Collectors must understand what makes a card valuable before purchasing one and remain up-to-date on current trends in soccer card collecting.


Just a few smart picks could land you a soccer trading card goldmine. As soccer’s popularity has skyrocketed, so have their values, with some cards selling for seven figures or even higher! So whether you’re an avid fan or price-savvy collector alike – now is the time to begin collecting these valuable collectibles!

Before purchasing soccer cards, their licensing rights should be the first factor to consider. Panini and Topps offer various league and tournament licenses; you must review what each company can offer before committing. Also, please take a moment to peruse their card designs and aesthetics until you find one you prefer.

Topps holds an immense advantage in the market with its UEFA license, which enables them to include European teams for which Panini does not possess permission – giving Topps access to many young players that Panini would otherwise miss out.

Erling Haaland, a 21-year-old Dortmund striker who has played for England, Norway, Germany, and Austria, among others, enjoys broad appeal due to his international career and goal-scoring prowess – expected to break records when moving up in clubs – further increasing his card value. These types of players are beloved by fans all around the globe and provide collectors with an excellent investment option for long-term collections.


Collectors have quickly become interested in soccer trading cards despite the hobby’s recent infancy, particularly high-end sets such as Panini’s National Treasures. Collectors especially love their pristine designs, elegant white-centric logos, and on-card signatures; the LeBron James triple logomania card has become a hot seller!

Soccer trading cards have seen tremendous growth recently, providing collectors with an excellent way to collect players they admire and consider legendary. Not only is this beneficial financially, but collectors often display their collections proudly like an art enthusiast may say his Picasso.

Panini offers several entry-level sets worth adding to any collection. Chronicles is particularly recommended due to its inclusion of players from both Serie A and La Liga in addition to Premier League competition. Furthermore, Chronicles tends to be slightly cheaper than Contenders while providing card variations not found elsewhere.

Panini Prizm packs are another viable choice. Though usually short on rookie cards, these sets provide the chance to find rare parallels that may prove quite valuable.


With sold-out stadiums, record salaries, and league expansion abounding, now is an opportune moment to invest in soccer trading cards. As its popularity spreads among collectors and investors alike, demand will only increase, and so will the value of cards in circulation.

This year’s Immaculate Collection won’t disappoint: alongside autograph cards, 2022-23 Panini Immaculate Collection Soccer will also offer memorabilia cards showcasing club and national team stars like Erling Haaland (aka Modern Viking), Kylian Mbappe, and more! Memorabilia cards include Signature Moves Autograph Booklets, Patch Autograph Booklets, and one-of-one autographs in its Immaculate Signatures subset.

Other noteworthy options include Shadowbox Signatures autograph cards featuring an acetate top layer; Premium Swatch Autographs in limited booklets are also an added draw; collectors may even find one-of-one relic cards for Brand Logos, Glove Swatches, or Dual Laundry Tags!

Panini’s 2022-23 Immaculate Collection Soccer will be exclusive to both hobby and retail outlets. Look out for 29 cards, all serial numbered 1/1; additionally, there will be multiple parallel sets, including Silver (/49 or less), Sapphire (/25 or less), Gold (1/10 or less), and Platinum (1/1). Check the checklist here for complete information.


Sports card investing has never been more popular due to the rise of soccer. This increase has caused card sales on eBay and other sites to skyrocket; sales of soccer trading cards alone increased 142% year over year in 2017 alone! This indicates a market where new collectors and investors can enter this hobby.

Panini offers an upscale product called Impeccable that features autographed cards and memorabilia of top players worldwide, perfect for investment purposes. While hobby boxes of this product may be costly and limited in the number of cards included per box compared to others like Panini’s Soccer Collection cards – they still retain value!

Focus on young stars with potential. Choosing wisely could reap huge dividends; for instance, Foden has shown great promise on the field and would make an excellent investment opportunity – already drawing comparisons to Lionel Messi while possessing all the skills to excel across any league.

Search for players who have already made their mark globally; their cards’ values could increase as they gain experience at major tournaments and move onto larger clubs.

Match Attax

My boys and their friends have recently become obsessed with Match Attax football cards. It is an engaging way for children to collect, learn about and collect more players. Additionally, each card contains valuable information about them, such as speed or passing accuracy – perfect for encouraging football fanatics.

Limited Edition and 100 Club Match Attax cards are highly sought-after due to their rarity. Furthermore, rare cards featuring famous players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo typically command more excellent value due to their large fan bases. Condition and special features like holographic foiling or dynamic action shots also play a vital role.

Topps Match Attax provides fans with multiple formats and exclusives to collect, including standard Display boxes, Mega-Tins, and Mini Tins. Each form contains different cards; Mega and Mini Tins feature more Limited Edition cards for collectors to collect.

2022-23 Topps UEFA Match Attax sets come packed with insert cards and include a 1st Edition Multipack featuring 64 preview cards and eight mirror foil cards – in both Mega Tins and Mini Tins variants, with Mini Tins providing four Limited Edition cards as well as one exclusive card per box; both sets can be purchased for an RRP of PS10 each and come with 24 packs containing 12 cards each – perfect for collecting fans of European football!


At a time of high-profile transfers, sellout stadiums, and record salaries, women’s soccer is increasing exponentially. Yet despite these achievements, men’s sports still get more recognition than their female counterparts. However, Parkside Collectibles recently unveiled NWSL trading cards celebrating pioneers within this sport as one sign that things may be turning around.

These cards are contemporary and stylish, featuring players’ names and the teams they play for on the front. Their backs include stats, information, and photos of each player. Furthermore, each card comes equipped with a code that can be entered to redeem rewards, such as virtual trading card packs that improve team performance in online versions of the game.

The tournament section of the game allows you to compete against more than one team, similar to real competition. You can earn additional points by entering combinations of player cards such as COMBO attack or defense; top performers will be listed in a leaderboard.

Soccer trading cards offer an easy and enjoyable way to introduce young children to soccer as a sport or connect with them further. Playing with cards provides children with an engaging way of learning about and developing social skills while being an investment if purchased wisely.