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Is Cheek’d Still in Business?


Five years ago, Lori Cheek from Kentucky presented her matchmaking service in New York to the Sharks for funding. Mark Cuban called it delusional, while Kevin O’Leary advised against its implementation.

Cheek’d has survived, rebranded, and reinvented itself to become the go-to app for real-time connections – we will uncover more of its history and current status here.

Founded in 2010

Lori Cheek appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 for her dating service, cheek. Although none of the sharks offered investment deals to Lori, she did manage to generate significant media attention that helped grow her company to where it could become profitable.

Cheek’d is an innovative technology designed to prevent missed connections from ever occurring again. This app works by notifying users in real-time when someone who fits their dating criteria is nearby – perfect for busy and distracted users who miss potential dates due to inattention or distraction. Ideal for use on trains, planes, public transportation, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Lori Cheek, the founder of Cheek’d and architect-turned-entrepreneur, invested $120,000 of her own money into her venture. A staunch believer in her product, Lori has persevered despite facing legal battles as she transitioned it from a card-based system to a Wi-Fi app and real-time connections.

The new Cheek’d app features an impressive list of tools designed to facilitate people connecting in various ways. You can use it to find matches nearby, discover new people when traveling, or chat with potential dates before meeting in person – all before ever leaving the comfort of your home! Available for download via the Apple App Store, and more information can be found on Cheek’d’s website.

Cheek’d use Facebook accounts to verify identity and connect you with other users, but you have the option of remaining anonymous and not having your profile displayed publicly on Facebook if desired. Furthermore, liking someone’s profile won’t appear on your profile page either – helping ensure your privacy remains safe! No personal data must be divulged online by strangers; research before sharing private details online!

Featured on Shark Tank in 2021

Lori Cheek experienced an emotional journey on Shark Tank, yet still failed to secure an agreement from any of them. Yet she learned an invaluable lesson about coping with rejection; consequently, she has altered her business model so it more closely aligns with contemporary digital dating platforms.

Cheek’d is an innovative mobile app that helps people connect in real-time. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the company matches users with nearby matches using proximity. Available for both iOS and Android devices, users set their profile preferences within a 30-foot radius, then receive notifications if another Cheek’d user fits these parameters within this time. Cheek can even be used when traveling on public transit like subways and planes!

The Sharks liked the concept of this product but weren’t entirely convinced by its business model. Mark Cuban labeled it “delusional” and predicted its failure without an injection of cash from investors. Barbara Corcoran expressed interest yet wasn’t sure the app would resonate with consumers; she wanted to know how many members they had and the subscription costs for consumers to use it.

Robert Herjavec was also dissatisfied with Cheek’d. He believes the online dating industry is overcrowded, making it hard for Cheek’d to compete with established services and raise sufficient funds. He doesn’t see how she plans on expanding these resources either.

Cheek’d may not have received an investment on Shark Tank, but its business has continued to flourish ever since its appearance on the show. Since airing its episode, their website has received over 100,000 hits; additionally, they’ve hired a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Cheek’d has expanded its revenue streams with several revenue-generating methods, such as offering paid membership options that enable users to take advantage of more advanced features. They’ve partnered with various venues and events to promote their service and were featured on an episode of Beyond the Tank that follows some entrepreneurs who have appeared on Shark Tank.

Adapted to the Digital Age

Cheek’d has grown considerably since Lori Cheek appeared on Shark Tank. Now offering a mobile dating app that combines online and real-world interaction, Cheek’d has received many positive reviews from users who appreciate its special connection and unique relationship features. Furthermore, besides providing mobile dating, Cheek organizes events and social mixers.

Lori Cheek presented an innovative idea on Shark Tank to connect people in real life more easily. Her concept involved handing out icebreaker cards containing codes to online dating profiles in hopes that this would prompt people to meet in person and start relationships. Although skeptical of this business model, they offered some helpful feedback.

Cheek’d, after appearing on Shark Tank, saw an increase in traffic to their website; however, no investment offers from any of the Sharks were extended. Although they did not invest, the Sharks provided Cheek’d with immense publicity that increased the visibility of her company.

Cheek’d has transitioned from a card-based system to a mobile application, giving users access to potential matches in real life by sending notifications when other users are nearby. Available both for iOS and Android, Cheek’d’s dating mobile application provides users with an effective means of connecting.

To use the Cheek’d app, download and register with your name and email address. You can create your profile by uploading photos and providing a short bio. Having written, the Cheek’d app will list potential matches based on your location and other preferences.

Once you’ve found a match, Cheek’d makes communicating easy, whether via messaging on the app, sending text messages, or exchanging phone numbers to continue the dialogue. Paid subscribers receive priority customer support and access to special features, while Wi-Fi technology helps locate nearby Cheek’d users to notify them when they are within 30 feet.

Dedicated Community

Cheek’d is an innovative dating platform that connects people in real life. It encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zones and embrace serendipity, becoming an indispensable component of modern digital culture while leaving an indelible mark on the dating industry.

Cheek’d was founded by Lori Cheek to revitalize face-to-face interaction. Cheek’d first appeared as a deck of ice-breaking cards that could be passed out at events, each including an easy pickup line and code leading directly to someone’s online dating profile. If the recipient liked what they saw, they could contact you through your privacy-protected profile to learn more!

Cheek’d has transformed into a mobile app that utilizes Bluetooth low-energy technology to notify you when someone nearby meets your criteria. Furthermore, the app works even when cellular service is switched off, enabling you to match with people even while traveling on public transit or flying by plane without missing out on potential connections.

Although this app has faced its share of obstacles, it has remained successful despite competition. Its unique feature has distinguished it from other dating apps and earned rave reviews from users. Furthermore, events and mixers are hosted to foster community building among its user base.

Cheek’d provides the ideal platform to find love or connect. With its innovative features and dedicated community, this online dating service has proven successful and sustainable despite the competitive landscape. Cheek’d is also ideal for creating meaningful relationships while remaining independent from digital platforms.