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Latham Offers the Best Automatic Pool Covers


Automatic pool covers can save homeowners money by cutting heating and water evaporation costs while keeping out dirt, leaves, and debris that might otherwise clog their pools.

However, if your area receives significant snowfall, these covers may not be optimal for protecting your swimming pool.

1. Latham Eclipse

The Latham Eclipse automatic safety covers are among the premier automatic pool covers on the market today, boasting unique touchscreen controls to easily open or close pool covers from any room in your home, as well as text/email alerts if they have been opened or closed without your authorization. They also allow WiFi network integration for remote monitoring and control capabilities.

An automated cover uses tracks and a motor to roll up pool cover material when unnecessary, creating an attractive seamless design within or lining either side of the pool lip. Once activated, an engine runs along each length of track and rolls the material up into a sleek “roller” at one end of your pool – this requires professional electrician service as these systems rely on 240V circuitry to function effectively.

Latham Fiberglass Pools

Latham’s fiberglass pools have innovative built-in features that enrich your swimming experience, such as benches, seating, safety ledges, and non-slip steps. Each model carries a lifetime structural warranty and a crystallite color interior pool finish for unmatched peace of mind.

2. Latham Infinity 4000

Latham Pool Covers have earned them a name as the market leader in the pool industry and continue to lead with quality automatic pool covers. Their wide variety of models, options, fabrics, and features offer something suitable for every pool, and their outstanding warranty guarantees the quality of each body they produce.

The Latham Infinity 4000 automatic pool cover system offers advanced safety and performance. Constructed of durable materials resistant to sunlight, chlorine, and other chemicals, its operation can be managed simply with one touch. Furthermore, this cover helps save money on electricity bills while cutting maintenance time down significantly – it is safety-oriented and reduces maintenance time.

Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialists can assist in selecting an automatic pool cover suitable for your new or existing pool, designed to add beauty and safety. With this peace of mind, these covers add the perfect finishing touch to your backyard oasis while offering peace of mind.

The Infinity 4000 Automatic Swimming Pool-Cover System revolutionizes pool cover technology for New Construction and Existing Pools alike and is the most straightforward system available to operate and maintain automatically. Suitable for most existing free-form or rectangular pools equipped with low-profile tracks located on their deck, this cover system fits neatly into its custom-built bench enclosure when retracted. It exceeds ASTM standards, making it the market’s top power safety cover option.

No other pool accessory offers as much safety, convenience, and security as an automatic pool cover. Reach out to a Coverstar or Pool Cover Specialists value-added reseller now to discover how it can increase your pool’s safety, save energy and money, give you more time with loved ones in your backyard paradise – and give you more time in front of it to do whatever else makes life enjoyable!

3. Pool Boy II

Pool Boy II is an electric-powered solar blanket reel system that makes covering and uncovering your pool easy, removing hand cranking and tugging of solar covers so you can enjoy it more. Suitable for any size inground swimming pool, this system has a motorized unit, solar panel, battery pack, and waterproof remote control for installation – saving energy by keeping the pool warm while decreasing evaporation rates.

This system is tailored to pools up to 20 feet wide and comes complete with a tether kit that can easily guide it across your pool. Furthermore, its power cable stretches 40 feet, so even if your pool is some distance from home, you can still connect it and use solar energy exclusively as an energy source.

Your installation takes just minutes with this unit! It fits seamlessly into any existing pump and filter system without needing to splice wires; additionally, it features adjustable height stands to accommodate various solar blanket lengths and white UV-protected stand covers for a clean and finished look that enhances any pool design.

This remote operation system features a low-voltage transformer plugged into any standard 115-volt GFCI outlet and connects directly with a motor in the drive stand via a 40′ cable. Furthermore, its handheld remote control floats and is waterproof for easy operation – meeting NEC Article 680 requirements.

4. Latham Infinity 5000

Latham offers custom automatic safety covers designed to add extra layers of security while simultaneously cutting costs associated with regular pool maintenance. Plus, their added peace of mind means well worth any initial investment! To find your custom pool cover solution and receive more detailed price quotations, contact an official Latham value-added reseller (VAR) now for a quote for a more tailored solution suited for you and your backyard pool environment!

Latham offers an assortment of winter covers – mesh and solid safety pools – designed to complement existing and new pool designs perfectly. However, when installing one on an entirely new pool design, we strongly advise consulting an experienced professional to ensure proper measurements and installation without creating potential future issues.

Solid pool safety covers are solid sheets of material – usually reinforced vinyl – designed to protect your family and pool. They can help stop children and animals from accessing the water unsupervised, lower maintenance costs throughout wintertime, and block sunlight to save on chemicals while prolonging its life span.

Mesh winter covers allow precipitation to pass through easily, eliminating the need for a cover pump and allowing water to seep into your pool during cold months. This allows for quicker, more effortless opening in spring and reduced maintenance costs throughout winter. Latham’s patented mesh pool covers are durable yet simple to manage with three tiers: 9000MX Max Shade Mesh, 700MS High Shade Mesh, and 5000MS Standard Mesh available from Latham.