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LeBron James High School Jersey


LeBron James’ high school jersey is among the most desirable pieces of sports memorabilia. The NBA superstar became an instant celebrity while attending St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, where he generated tremendous amounts of buzz locally and nationally prior to appearing on a Sports Illustrated cover shoot in 2002.


LeBron’s high school jerseys are pieces of sports history that commemorate his early days before going on to achieve extraordinary success in the NBA. Reminiscent of James’ days as an elite recruit with incredible basketball talents in high school, this piece serves as a connection between Akron, Ohio – his hometown – and LeBron’s fantastic journey – perfect for fans!

One reason many collectors purchase this item is as an engaging way to connect with young athletes like LeBron James. His young face was so beloved he made his first significant magazine debut as “The Chosen One,” an article that told of how he began as a talented young basketball player hoping to join the NBA one day – something which proved an enormously popular story and helped propel his career further.

When authenticating a LeBron high school jersey, authenticity should always come first. A genuine jersey should have his name and number printed onto it along with information regarding which team he played for, but it doesn’t have to have been worn directly by James himself!

Make sure that the signature on a Lebron high school jersey is genuine. Sign in ink, not pencil. Usually, autographs on high school jerseys appear where shirt collars usually cover them and should also be clearly written; this helps determine authenticity.

Finally, authenticity must be impartial. MEARS offers a highly subjective scoring system, which does not align with its claims of being the premier authenticator in the industry. Their scoring can include matching rawlings jerseys with pictures from similar years to give an A5 grade on them; Dave Grob has previously criticized other authenticators for using such practices; it is apparent that MEARS practices this sloppy style matching themselves regularly.


LeBron James made headlines years ago as an impressive high school basketball star. During his junior year, he made it onto Sports Illustrated’s cover and instantly shot to stardom as an NBA superstar-to-be. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most exciting players ever, leading many websites to offer replica jerseys for purchase online.

Authentic LeBron high school jerseys cannot be purchased in stores; those sold online tend to have lower quality and price and may lack authentication tags or letters. Still, numerous legitimate dealers are selling authentic jerseys – to find one, look at online reviews and search.

After OHSAA determined LeBron James was ineligible for accepting two jerseys as gifts from sporting goods stores, fans have begun buying replicas of his high school uniform on eBay; many sellers of such images may not be trustworthy and may sell fake products that do not conform with NCAA guidelines.

James was fined $395 for wearing an authentic Gale Sayers jersey, while eBay sellers offering unofficial replicas were selling similar ones at approximately $50 less – these low prices suggest more counterfeit goods are likely.

LeBron James donned this Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High School Vegas gold mesh home jersey during his groundbreaking high school career as part of Akron’s Fighting Irish Catholics. This jersey contains all of its correct tags, styling, and identifiers relating to this period, such as an On Sports size XXL tag sewn to its bottom left tail, as well as an American Flag ribbon in memory of 9/11. There is some light game wear and perspiration stains visible.

While many may not consider buying a replica of LeBron’s high school jersey a wise investment, it does make for a unique collectible and serves as a good reminder that this legendary player began as an ordinary kid with big dreams.

Websites that sell them

Many websites claim to sell LeBro High School jerseys, but these are typically fake copies made from cheaper material and of inferior quality than genuine ones. Fake jerseys often use mesh fabric with poor stitching quality and lack embroideries or embroidery on them; additionally, they usually don’t last as long due to not being durable enough for wearing purposes.

LeBron James was an outstanding high school player, making waves before ever entering the NBA draft. His success has reignited interest in his high school basketball days; one Los Angeles-area auction recently generated excitement around an extremely rare jersey worn during those days.

As a student at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, LeBron played for the Fighting Irish, an all-male parochial team named after its founders. While playing for them, he amassed 50 points during a single game and earned MVP of their championship matchup, later leading his team to victory and winning state. Shooting Stars features Mookie Cook and Caleb McLaughlin playing Lebron along with Lil Dru Joyce, Sian Cotton, and Willie McGee, who portray Lebron and their friends Lil Dru Joyce Willie McGee as Lebron’s high school career journey.


Goldin Auctions recently auctioned off LeBron James’ high school jersey worn during his Sports Illustrated cover shoot in February 2002 for $187,500 through Goldin Auctions – breaking all previous records for a jersey worn by an athlete at any level of school, even surpassing Michael Jordan’s final game jersey which sold for $173,240 in 2015. This jersey is considered an icon in the LeBron memorabilia collection.

This mesh fabric jersey features Tracking Twill embroidery with the number 23 and name. Breathable and quick-dry properties make this jersey ideal for athletes. Available in multiple sizes to meet player’s needs, its price point makes this purchase well worth its while for any basketball enthusiast!

Not only is this jersey of high quality but it is made with durable polyester material that will withstand years of use without cracking or fading. Furthermore, its easy-care design makes this item perfect as a present for fans of NBA superstar LeBron James! This item makes an excellent present!

LeBron’s high school team is appealing the decision, yet will not be permitted to play until it has been resolved. The news came as a shock as LeBron was widely anticipated to be the top pick in June’s NBA draft.

Controversy over an incident that unfolded earlier this month in Akron, Ohio, has swirled for several days now. A high-profile basketball star was accused of receiving a Hummer H2 from a store in exchange for two free sports jerseys; OHSAA officials ruled this move violated amateurism rules, though store officials denied all allegations made by OHSAA officials against it.

The jersey was game-used from Lebron’s game at Saint Vincent St Mary High School Vegas during 2001-02, manufactured by On Sports, featuring correct tags, styling, and identifiers that reflect this seminal season in his career. Furthermore, there is a critical embroidered 9-11 USA mourning patch on its left shoulder displaying light game wear; moreover, it comes complete with an authentication letter from Grey Flannel.