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Legacy Homes – Omaha Reviews


Buying a home is a big decision and there are several things that you should know before deciding. One thing you should be aware of is that buying a manufactured home can be a lot easier than buying a traditional home. This is because manufactured homes are low maintenance and they are generally low on utilities.

Manufactured homes vs mobile homes

During the early years, mobile homes were a cheaper and quicker solution to housing problems. Before 1976, they were essentially caravans. Despite their low cost, they depreciated over time. They could be set up on wooden blocks, steel I-beams, or concrete foundations.

These days, manufactured homes are built to higher standards. They’re built in a factory, usually on a pier and beam or concrete foundation. They’re then transported to their final destination for assembly. These buildings aren’t usually taken apart for long-term maintenance.

Manufactured homes are also built according to the HUD Code, which regulates quality and safety standards for the industry. In addition, the code includes requirements for energy and snow standards. The homes are also mortgageable through VA and FHA.

While manufactured homes are usually considered personal property, some manufacturers allow for factory tours. Typically, tours are geared towards custom projects, although some also offer factory tours for modular homes.

Low maintenance

Besides the ubiquitous single-family home, the town of Legacy offers a bevy of apartment and condo complexes, as well as the likes of a plethora of retailers and service providers. Toss in the fact that it’s close to one of the largest hospitals in the area, and you’ve got yourself a neighborhood that’s in good company. The neighborhood is a mere eight minutes from the nearest Hy-Vee, as well as one of the region’s finest shopping malls, Shops of Legacy. Whether your tastes run to the latest tech or the classics, Legacy is your neighborhood. Those in the market for a new home will find that there are a plethora of options to choose from, from modern mid-rises to low-maintenance historic properties.

Low utilities

Among the many new custom home builders in town, Legacy Homes has nailed it with aplomb. The company has a whopping seventy-five years of construction experience under its belt. With a solid foundation in place and an eye on the future, the company is poised to do even better shortly. The company has been a leader in the custom home building industry for the past several years and has recently expanded its portfolio into Lincoln, Nebraska. With the right blend of quality craftsmanship and customer service, Legacy Homes is a force to be reckoned with. From design to construction, the company’s attention to detail is second to none. With a plethora of floor plans to choose from, the company’s home-building expertise will ensure your new home is a lifetime memory.

Ease of ownership

Using the ilk of the Omaha home builders, you can choose from over twenty-floor plans, from the modest one-bedroom, one-bath home to a three-story, five-bedroom, five-bath mansion. If you are looking to relocate to the city, or simply want to downsize, the home of your dreams is a click away. Choosing a company like Legacy Homes guarantees the best possible experience.

The company is led by an impressive team of executives with a combined 75 years of new home-building experience. The company is the largest custom home builder in Nebraska and has recently expanded into Lincoln. In addition to being one of the best home builders in Nebraska, it also has a stellar reputation for customer service and quality construction.

Salary range

Those who want to build their own home in Omaha can choose from a variety of options, including Legacy Homes. The company specializes in custom-built homes, and they offer a range of services that will help you make your dream home a reality. Whether you’re looking for a spacious new home or a smaller bungalow, you can find a selection of fully customizable options that will fit your budget.

The company offers many different options for customers, including an Interactive Design Studio that lets you choose your flooring and finishes, and a selection of floor plans and paint colors. They also offer an Advantage program that allows you to walk on countertops and flooring samples before choosing the perfect finish. The company also offers a New Home Warranty and Maintenance Manual to help you maintain your home.