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Lightning Sailboat For Sale


If you’re searching for a yacht that meets the highest standards of design and performance, look no further than this Fountain 47 Lightning. It combines the iconic double-step positive-lift hull of classic Fountain boats with modern, bonded composite construction for maximum pleasure and speed. What do you need to consider about BOATS FOR SALE IN GREECE.

Lightnings are lightweight enough to easily trailer and launch, as well as stable sufficiently in heavy air, making them great for beginner pilots.

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The price for lightning sailboats can differ dramatically depending on their features and condition, such as whether or not newer boats include more costly electronics. When searching for one for sale, you must consider both your budget and whether or not the ship meets it.

Searching the internet can be an excellent way to locate lightning sailboats for sale. Many websites provide an impressive variety of boats for sale; narrow your search further by checking it based on specific characteristics or features of interest – for instance, if you’re interested in buying racing sailboats, you should focus on performance aspects instead.

Lightning boats are known for their impressive performance and impeccable maintenance, making them the ideal choice for anyone seeking a thrilling sailing experience on the water. But remember, there is no perfect lightning protection system in existence; always be prepared for stormy conditions when sailing!

Avoid sailing during stormy conditions whenever possible; otherwise, make sure that your local VHF radio channel provides weather updates. Also, listen for thunderclaps and keep metal objects out of reach from lightning strikes nearby; in cases where Lightning does strike nearby, it’s best to move to the center of your boat as soon as possible.

Installing a static dissipator is another effective way to mitigate lightning strikes. These devices, usually located at the base of masts, divert Lightning into the ground instead of striking your property – they could save thousands in damage!

If you’re considering purchasing a Lightning sailboat, take time to read reviews on its website. These reviews help you assess if it meets your specific needs. Check the credentials and contact details of the seller to ensure a reputable relationship.


This lightning sailboat for sale features a white painted aluminum hull with teak decks and foot rails, designed for world cruising with a fin keel, diesel generator, and windlass for powering its sails. Perfect for Indian Lake’s wide range of winds and wave conditions, this vessel is an excellent option for beginners or families wanting to sail together.

This exquisite yacht offers a spacious cockpit that comfortably seats six. Additionally, there is an elegant master cabin forward and an additional guest cabin featuring two double berths at the bow. Additionally, its large sail area makes this vessel suitable for racing events as well as family cruises.

This yacht has been meticulously cared for and is in excellent condition. Equipped with two Mercruiser 500 HP engines that have amassed 170 hours and are equipped with a Simrad GPS. Boasting impressive performance that enables it to glide effortlessly over waves.

The Lightning is an international one-design racer and an extremely active class with over 15,000 boats built. Based on a 1938 Sparkman & Stephens design, its sleek lines combine speed with stability for optimal sailing performance. It is an ideal boat for beginners as its light breeze handling makes for easy control, while its heavy air stability makes it forgiving enough for experienced sailors as well. A reliable racer in moderate winds yet stable sufficient for less-experienced sailors is its greatest strength!


Lightning sailboats feature spacious and comfortable decks that make moving around easily possible, along with lightweight frames that allow them to be easily towed and launched from their trailer. This makes them the ideal vessel for both cruising and racing on Indian Lake.

The Lightning class is one of the world’s most beloved one-design classes, boasting more than 15,000 boats in service worldwide. Perfect for entry-level racing as well as family sailing, its forgiving nature in heavy air conditions – makes the Lightning an excellent choice for new sailors just starting.

This stunning boat boasts a white-painted aluminum hull with teak decks and superstructure, set off by her white-painted aluminum hull and brand-new spinnaker sail. She was initially intended for racing purposes; however, with some changes, it can quickly be transformed into an ocean cruiser by installing generator and watchmaker systems. Her primary and jib sails are in good condition, while its spinnaker sail is brand new!

The boat features Lewmar 64CCST self-tailing two speed all chrome primary winches located on recessed bases on the cockpit coamings, as well as Lewmar 48CCST halyard/reef/spinnaker secondary winches outboard of the traveler. Mainsail features include radial cut full batten main with 135% genoa sail area; its 105% cruising jib is an MC6000 105% cruising jib; spinnaker sheets, furlers, and snuffers are all present; plus there is access to its engine room via large deck hatch located directly opposite this large bench seat area.


Lightning sailboats offer an ideal entry into sailing for novice and seasoned sailors alike. Easy to learn on, this lightweight vessel has a high-performance rig and spacious cockpit features while being light enough for effortless portaging – perfect for beginner sailors as well as experienced sailors! You can buy one locally or online.

Sparkman and Stephens designed the Lightning as a 19-foot trailerable centerboard sloop in 1938. Since then, it has become one of the world’s most beloved one-design race classes, winning ISAF international status and sailing in 13 countries worldwide – it also remains popular with recreational day sailors.

It features a hard chine and 130 lb centerboard that give it the power to go to weather in strong winds and carry large spinnakers for off wind rides. Its simple rig is straightforward yet provides advanced sail-shape controls. Overall, the Lightning is a speedy, maneuverable sailboat suitable for racing as well as leisure sailing.

Lippincott Boat Works built this fiberglass Lightning in excellent condition, and it makes a perfect family boat. Ideal for sailing on Keuka Lake during the summer, this vessel comes with both sets of sails, including spinnakers. Both sets have been professionally maintained to maintain top condition.

This lightning sailboat features high-quality sails as well as a stainless steel mast and rigging. Additionally, there is a large, comfortable cockpit area and spacious V-berth. Additionally, a Simrad GPS and full cockpit cover are installed; an engine hatch has electric operation while steps provide easy access for passengers and crew members to get in and out.

This Lightning sailboat kit offers excellent value, complete plans, wood parts, and sails – the perfect project for beginners or seasoned sailors alike! Plus, it would make a beautiful addition to any home or office!

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