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Lonely Planet Reviews


Lonely Planet reviews are written by travelers who have already traveled the world. The company has a wide range of products and services, including travel guidebooks and experience guides. These guides are not traditional guidebooks, and do not contain 19 phrasebooks. Instead, they cover 350,235 places of interest.

Experience guides are not traditional guidebooks

The Lonely Planet Experience guides are not your standard travel guidebooks. They combine practical information with appreciation for the destination. They are often updated every two years. Although they cover more country territory, they tend to be less detailed and contain fewer maps. They are great for independent travelers, backpackers, and those on a budget. The 2020 edition promises new features and information.

These guides take you beyond traditional guidebooks by introducing you to local experts and focusing on the real experiences you can have while traveling. Instead of a detailed list of attractions and places, you can plan your trip by choosing what experiences you want to have. The guides are also built around travel themes, such as culinary Cork, the pubs of Galway, and the legends of Glasgow. The Lonely Planet Experience guides also feature in-depth articles from local writers who share their insider knowledge and give fresh perspectives on familiar sites and experiences.

They do not offer 19 phrasebooks

If you’re looking for a comprehensive phrasebook that will help you travel in a foreign language, Lonely Planet has a solution for you. It offers 19 phrasebooks in audio format. While they won’t cover everything, they do provide an overview of the language. In addition, they have useful cultural information and glimpses into the grammar of the language. They also include a section about food.

They offer city guides

There are many benefits to purchasing Lonely Planet guides. Not only are they a good source of information, but they can also save you money. These city guides are written by people who have been to the destination. Using a guidebook means you will have the advantage of knowing what to expect from your vacation. It also allows you to get more information in less time.

Lonely Planet also has a mobile app that offers travelers detailed information about the city. The app offers links to nearby hotels, attractions, restaurants, and more. It also has offline maps for each city. You can even find the exact location of places on the map. Another great feature is a budget calculator.

You can also download free city guides from the app. There are city guides available for 8,368 cities. The information included in each guide varies depending on the city. If you are traveling alone, you may also want to take advantage of the app’s Lonely Planet Phrasebook feature. The app has over 19 audio phrasebooks for travelers.