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Lopez-Dorada Foods


Lopez-Dorada Foods is one of the largest Hispanic-owned protein processing companies in the US, supplying meat products such as beef, pork, and poultry to some of the largest restaurant chains and retailers.

Dorada Foods of Ponca City, Oklahoma, recently celebrated the grand opening of their 180,000 square-foot chicken processing facility – one of three suppliers of McDonald’s chicken products across the US – employing 350 people.

Sea bream

Sea bream is one of the world’s most consumed fish and is considered an extremely nutritious food source, providing essential protein, vitamins, and minerals. As it comes from the blue fish family, it offers more healthy fats than most other species; plus, its abundance of vitamin A and B group vitamins, including B3 and B6, makes it an even healthier option!

Sea bream fish is known for its delicate sweetness and mild taste, making it the ideal fish to add sweetness and mild flavors to soup stocks and grilling meals. Sea bream also pairs perfectly with Mediterranean and Asian cuisines and pairs well when served alongside light lemony sauces and vegetables for lunch or supper!

The gilthead bream, belonging to the Sparidae family of marine fishes, can be found throughout all continents’ seas. It is a popular food in countries like Italy, where it’s commonly known as Dorada; orata in Spain and dandelion in France are other names associated with it. With an average depth of 35 cm (1.15 feet), most gilthead bream species inhabit freshwater environments, though some varieties can even tolerate saltwater environments.


Salt is an essential nutrient, providing our bodies with important minerals while aiding fluid balance and supporting bone, teeth, and skin health. A single serving contains zero calories, no fat, and low cholesterol compared to many other sources; furthermore, it delivers high levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and an array of other trace elements. Sea and table salt varieties exist. Table salt, in particular, can be used in various dishes and beverages to add flavor and texture.

Dorada Foods recently reopened a 180,000-square-foot chicken processing plant in Ponca City, Oklahoma, as a joint venture between Lopez Foods (one of the nation’s leading Hispanic-owned meat manufacturers) and Tyson Poultry – both subsidiaries of Tyson Foods Inc. based out of Springdale, Arkansas – with this goal in mind.

Lopez Foods, Tyson Foods, and Ponca City Development Authority (PCDA) entered a multiparty agreement for this project. According to PCDA’s economic impact model, this plant is projected to generate $217 million over ten years for local economies – serving McDonald’s with nuggets and crispy chicken breasts from this facility as one of three suppliers.

Preparation method

Dorada a la Sal is an easy-to-make Spanish dish made of sea bream and salt, baked together and covered with a salt crust to preserve all its juicy juices and make it low in sodium content and suitable for those on restricted diets. While often made in restaurants, this recipe can be easily replicated at home!

Lopez-Dorada Foods is one of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned protein processing companies, providing beef, pork, and poultry products to numerous restaurant chains and retailers across America. Their Reidsville facility employs 400 people exclusively producing chicken products for McDonald’s; though 15 years old, extensive renovations were conducted at this site to accommodate grinding, forming, cooking, and freezing equipment necessary for producing those products on schedule and under budget thanks to their employees’ dedication.

Dorada Poultry, a joint venture between Oklahoma City-based Lopez Foods and Springdale-based Tyson Foods, opened a 180,000-square-foot chicken processing plant in Ponca City in October 2011. This joint venture between Lopez Foods of Oklahoma City and Tyson Foods will supply 60 million pounds of high-quality chicken products for McDonald’s restaurants nationwide over ten years – creating 350 jobs locally while also contributing millions to local economies over its lifetime.


Dorada a la sal (sea bream with salt) is a classic Spanish fish dish made by baking it in an ample layer of salt to preserve its succulent juices and ensure its juicy texture. Although Dorada a la Sal contains plenty of sodium, it should still suit those on restricted diets.

Mediterranean fish has long captured the hearts and imaginations of European chefs. Its firm, meaty flesh holds up well during boiling or braising and is quickly soaked up by sauces and spices for an exquisite entree that’s easy to prepare – either whole, cut into steaks, and sauteed in virgin extra olive oil!

Dorada foods boast high protein and low-fat contents, making it an excellent choice for anyone monitoring their calories or cholesterol. In addition, vitamin A and potassium are abundant, as are low sodium levels and no trans fats – additional pluses!

Dorada Foods, part of Lopez-Dorada Foods, one of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned protein processing companies. Dorada provides products to some of the biggest restaurant chains and retail markets nationwide. In October 2011, Dorada Poultry opened a poultry processing facility in Ponca City, Oklahoma, to produce chicken products tailored explicitly for McDonald’s restaurants.