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Management Consulting Firms That Specialize in the Healthcare Industry


Management consulting firms that specialize in healthcare industry services abound. These businesses provide various services, from business strategy development and operating model optimization to customer experience improvement and performance enhancement for clients. Find the best healthcare consulting firm.

Legal regulations within the healthcare industry are ever-evolving and can significantly impede day-to-day operations, planning, and patient care. Healthcare organizations must abide by these changes or risk losing their competitive edge.


PwC is one of the world’s premier professional services firms, providing clients with superior expertise and innovative solutions. They aim to build trust within society while helping individuals and organizations succeed; services provided include auditing, tax, consulting advisory services, and risk management. They even provide assurance, legal, and tax services to public sector entities!

PwC emphasizes hiring candidates with strong communication and problem-solving abilities who possess creativity. Applicants are encouraged to utilize emerging technologies to solve challenging problems while upholding professional integrity according to PwC’s strict ethical standards. With over 742 offices around the globe and 284,000 employees globally, this global firm boasts impressive career opportunities.

The firm holds itself to values such as trust and integrity, diversity and inclusion, innovation, continuous learning, and responsible business conduct. They strive to help their clients and communities meet their goals in an ever-evolving world.

PwC offers its employees a variety of programs that enable flexible work arrangements, including remote work, flextime work, and in-person positions. Furthermore, their unique culture encourages employees to work their way and focus on what matters. PwC also has multiple career paths available that accommodate fresh graduates as well as experienced hires; progression rates depend on location and member firm.

Bain & Company

Bain & Company provides services that span strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, and transformation to clients worldwide. In addition, they specialize in analytics, advanced data and analytics, corporate finance, sustainability, and private equity in areas including transportation logistics, consumer products, energy, healthcare, financial services, retail, and retailing.

Bain & Company was established by former BCG partners in 1973 and is known for its excellent training programs. Clientele includes some of the world’s largest corporations. At its founding, Bill Bain popularized an innovative consulting approach by aligning his firm’s success with that of clients; instead of charging fixed fees, he accepted equity in lieu of paying fixed fees, which became widely adopted among consulting firms.

“Bainies” are fondly known to their employers. These highly talented employees share a passion for helping clients improve their bottom lines, as well as an appreciation of collaboration, which shines through in their work. Bain has managed to maintain an integrated culture across its global offices, which is not an easy feat!

Bain & Company requires candidates aspiring to join their firm to undergo a case interview designed to assess their problem-solving skills. Interviewers present business scenarios for which candidates must offer solutions. Applicants can use resources provided by Bain, such as mock case interview videos and sample questions during this process. Bain also strongly encourages diverse hiring and has several initiatives designed to support women in leadership roles.


Huron Healthcare Consulting stands out as a premier name in healthcare consulting. Their services encompass business transformation strategies, optimizing operations, and solving financial issues based on data-driven analyses of industry knowledge. Their employees come from diverse backgrounds with various skill sets, enabling them to provide innovative solutions and deliver results for clients.

The company specializes in supporting higher education, healthcare, life sciences, and commercial sectors as they navigate change and economic pressures in their increasingly dynamic environments. Their team has worked with more than 450 healthcare systems, over 400 colleges/universities/research institutions, as well as hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

Huron also provides IT and business transformation services to assist organizations with improving business processes and cutting costs through digital implementation. They can assist with financial management via an integrated system of data and analytics and implement ERP systems as a single source of truth for information management.

Though some former Huron employees may be dissatisfied with the career paths available at Huron, there remain ample opportunities to advance in the organization. Huron actively recruits undergraduate students for summer analyst internships; interested individuals should check with their school to see if an opening is available. These internships last three to four weeks and require interviews with peers, senior directors, and the hiring manager before interns are selected.

EY Parthenon

EY Parthenon Consulting is a top global firm that specializes in strategy. It has 45 local offices around the world and provides competitive salaries; associate salaries average $103,945, while consultant pay averages $236,429.

Ey Parthenon’s services and products are tailored to the specific needs of its clients, helping them address complex, shifting challenges in an impactful way. Its strategies draw upon years of industry expertise combined with state-of-the-art processes, offering strategic insights that enable its clients to sustain the present, shape the future, and envision what lies beyond.

This firm offers an array of projects—spanning general strategy to private equity work—that typically focus on high-level issues relevant to a company’s priorities, such as increasing revenues, decreasing costs, expanding market reach, or developing an exit strategy for an enterprise.

Former employees often describe EY-Parthenon’s culture as close and familial. According to them, the firm recruits intelligent but kind people and takes good care in taking them on as staffers and colleagues. There’s an outstanding mentoring system and promotion process that many use after leaving EY-Parthenon; many go onto graduate school programs or top consulting firms like Bain or McKinsey for jobs after working there, while some move onto exciting startups in Silicon Valley or even onto one of the Big Four firms themselves – typically taking between 1-2 years and 3-6 years before reaching consultant status at these firms.


BearingPoint is an international management consulting firm offering services and products across various sectors, including healthcare. They specialize in improving business performance by transforming organizations to become more efficient. They use expertise from different disciplines, including medicine, engineering, and finance, to maximize client operations and results with data analytics tools and other sophisticated resources.

2022 was a year in which revenue exceeded EUR1 billion despite substantial economic and geopolitical headwinds, representing its fastest growth since 2008 when it bought out and returned to independence. The company’s healthcare management consulting practice continues to flourish while its digital and product capabilities continue to be strengthened.

Annapoorani Bhat of Bain Partners specializes in valuation and related consulting for healthcare private equity investments. With vast experience working with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, growth strategy development and opportunity assessment, and operational and commercial due diligence services, Annapoorani brings her knowledge and expertise to bear in these areas.

BearingPoint offers three business units: Consulting, Products, and Capital. Their Consulting division covers advisory business with an emphasis on specific business areas. Meanwhile, Products provides IP-driven managed services beyond SaaS as well as software for critical processes. Lastly, Capital offers M&AMP A/transaction services; these divisions have international coverage, including banking/capital markets companies as well as automotive, chemicals/energy/health social care/industrial manufacturing/life sciences/public sector resources/retail consumer goods technology companies, among others.

VIE Healthcare Consulting

VIE Healthcare Consulting operates a management consulting firm that serves hospitals, healthcare institutions, and other providers of patient care. Their services and products help these organizations reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, enhance quality care delivery, and pinpoint growth/profit opportunities. Their team of experts is well-versed in healthcare cost analysis and hospital-purchased services benchmarking. They were founded in 1999, specializing in non-labor expenses for healthcare organizations while offering their unique cost-saving strategy as a framework to uncover every cost-saving opportunity in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare businesses must cut costs and slash unnecessary spending that compromises their financial viability. In addition to cost reduction efforts, they should implement innovative strategies designed to enhance customer experiences and strengthen business models, including spend data analytics optimization techniques.

Bryan’s forte lies in his impressive analytical skills, which allow him to navigate complex data sets, uncover trends, and assess actual costs. His solid analytic ability has allowed him to lead multiple projects at top healthcare networks with cutting-edge analytics and cost-saving solutions delivered. His expertise spans everything from IT contracting and purchased services purchases to physician preference items.

Before joining VIE Healthcare, Carol worked as a licensed social worker, providing therapeutic services to individuals and families. Additionally, Carol played four years at the college level as an athlete before coaching and leading teams of her own – which gives her a unique skill set that allows her to prioritize client results while developing long-term sales mentorship programs.