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MiKandi – The Best Mobile Video App For Sex Enthusiasts


MiKandi is a mobile application that allows users to search and play music, watch videos, and download apps and comics. It’s available for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices. The app isn’t perfect, though, and it’s currently facing several problems with Google. These issues could potentially limit the app’s future.


MiKandi is an app store that features adult applications. It provides users with apps that are free and paid. In addition to offering these apps, it also hosts video content.

The app is designed to be a convenient way to access the most popular adult content. Users can search for the apps they want by name, category, and ratings. You can also view screenshots and comment on content.

The application is available for all Android devices and can be downloaded from the website. You need to give the website permission to use your device when installing the app. For example, if you have an iPhone, you can only download the app through your browser.


A new kid on the block in the adult comics arena is MiKandi, an app store if you will. It’s an all-in-one app where users can browse and buy from a slew of titles, many of which are exclusive to the platform. In addition, it provides a robust content management system to manage a slew of digital assets, which is a godsend for publishers looking to cut costs while increasing the fidelity of their output. Moreover, the platform boasts an impressive suite of publisher tools that help users to do business in the adult comics space with aplomb.

The sexiest thing about the platform is that the company is staffed by real people, which is fresh air for publishers and comic book lovers. This is undoubtedly a welcome change from the previous regime. And it doesn’t hurt that the company’s sexiest offerings are vailable on mobile devices instead of desktop computers.


The best mobile video app for sex enthusiasts, MiKandi has been making the rounds in the mobile sex scene for a while now, and there is plenty to be said for its offerings. Among the company’s many offerings is a free video service for customers to binge on. So iSuppose you’re interested in watching sexy clips in the privacy of your own home. In that case, you can sign up for the service by visiting the MiKandi website, and you can choose from a selection of sexy offerings in various genres.

In addition to the free tier, the company’s offerings include an app store, as well as MiKandi Theater, a premium sexy tier that grants subscribers access to a catalog of sexy video content to watch on the go, a video player for your smartphone, as well as an Android and iOS mobile app.

MiKandi’s problems with Google

Several months ago, MiKandi ran into a snag when Google added a set of new policies to its platform. The changes excluded content that depicted gratuitous violence and sexually explicit material. This prompted the company to change the terms of its app.

Although the MiKandi app will still work, it must be altered to meet the new policy’s requirements. That means it may not contain as much nudity as the original version.

To address that, the adult content website is launching a new store available on Chrome. It will also feature a community forum, e-commerce options, and a way to buy and download apps.

Plans to port its app to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices

A company called MiKandi plans to port its app to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices to win the market share. The store has already launched a slew of apps aimed at the adult mobile market and will also unveil a slew of e-mail-related offerings in the coming months. Its executives are no strangers to the digital realm, with former Comverse, T-Mobile, and Microsoft employees on the payroll.

In addition to releasing the store’s first offerings, MiKandi also made an impressive albeit gimmicky video demonstration of its technology. The aptly named MiKandi XT (XT stands for “Extreme Touch”) allows users to make touch gestures to perform tasks like adjusting volume and switching off the screen and play a selection of YouTube videos. These are just a few features that make this handset a bit of a powerhouse, especially when paired with the requisite smartphone.