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Molle Phone Pouch From Brandit


Keep your phone close and protected in this EDC molle pouch with its main zipper pocket designed to accommodate smartphones of any size. It is made from waterproof material that’s made for durability.

This tactical bag can be attached to either a backpack strap or belt for convenient transport or mounted directly to a MOLLE platform using an optional mod strap (sold separately).

This rainproof backpack features a soft inside lining with a quick-adjustable secure flap closure that quickly secures itself for quick adjustment and secure flap closure. Two zipper pockets provide convenient space for maps or first aid accessories.

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Brandit’s medium phone pouch is an excellent solution for keeping their cell phone close at hand while out and about. Compatible with any PALS/MOLLE belt or gear, its main zipper pocket fits most modern phones, while two pen holders and an adjustable flap are added features to increase or decrease height. Constructed of weatherproof nylon material for durability in any environment – ideal!

This tactical phone holster bag is an invaluable part of any survival or emergency preparedness kit. Featuring a spacious main zipper pocket that can fit most smartphones as well as two pen holders and an adjustable buckle to set flap height, the pouch is made of rugged, waterproof military grade nylon fabric for durability and easy maintenance, with MOLLE attachment straps so it can easily attach to backpack straps, vests or belts for quick deployment or easy cleanup.

If you need a rugged and reliable way to transport your cell phone while at work or exploring the outdoors, this MOLLE phone pouch offers the ideal solution. Crafted from thick military-grade nylon with a compelling hook and loop closure system, this MOLLE pouch is great for accommodating larger phones such as an Otterbox or Survivor case and attaches directly onto backpack straps or belts using optional mod straps (sold separately).

This tactical iPhone holster is an essential piece for any active person. Crafted from tough yet durable pack cloth with an easily attachable hook-and-loop flap cover to keep your smartphone secure, this tactical holster can withstand camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity requiring movement – ideal for camping, hiking or any outdoor activity involves frequent movement such as rainproof design suitable for humid conditions for extended use; equipped with double MOLLE straps so it can easily attach to any backpack, belt or vest and features slots on its front panel to allow users add morale patches if desired!


Make sure your phone is always within reach with this high-quality tactical cell phone pouch! Its flexible elastic sleeve fits most cell phones, including plus-sized models, while its flap closure keeps everything safe. Furthermore, this pocket features two pen loops and a zippered compartment to store smaller accessories securely. Olive drab pouch can easily attach to either the back of a backpack strap or directly to your belt; additionally, it can quickly convert into a compatible system using one mod strap (sold separately).

This military-grade tactical molle phone pouch is constructed of strong 500D nylon fabric. Featuring an easy-access front loop panel that’s great for attaching morale patches, its design ensures easy smartphone accessibility even during intensive missions or outdoor adventures.

No matter whether you’re working in the field or simply needing to stay connected, this tactical EDC phone pouch is an ideal way to keep on track with life. Constructed of tough yet water-resistant nylon with polyurethane coating to maintain rigidity and structure. This medium-sized pouch features an open main pocket with a flap and quick-release buckle; plus, PALS fastening loops allow easy attachment to other MOLLE gear.


This tactical cell phone pouch from military-grade nylon features an elastic sleeve to secure your cell phone, as well as two pen loops and an array of compartments designed to store various personal accessories. Furthermore, its rainproof coating and strong Velcro closings enable it to withstand humid environments for extended periods.

This pouch is specifically designed to carry battery cases or smartphones with screens up to four inches, featuring hook and loop flap closure for secure attachment to backpack straps or belt loops or even one mod strap attached directly onto a MOLLE platform.

This Molle Phone Pouch comes in various colors and is constructed of high-grade, durable nylon material for long-term use in tactical and emergency settings. Ideal for tactical environments or emergency response teams, the pouch features a main pocket equipped with flap closure and a quick-release buckle, which is designed to hold most iPhone models.

The Molle Phone Pouch comes in different colors and features a versatile tactical design to coordinate with other gear. It was made to accommodate a smartphone and tablet and can be attached to your backpack, vest, or chest rig for convenient access. Constructed from durable material with fluorescent EN 20471 fabric, it is visible even in low light conditions; fasteners can be used to secure it to other equipment.


A Molle phone pouch is an effective way to keep your cell phone close while on the move. Attach it to a tactical backpack or survival bag, or wear it around your waist for easy access while storing phone, keys, and other gear – and keep maps and first aid supplies accessible, too! Made of military-grade solid nylon with durable hook and loop closure and water resistance, it is available in seven colors to accommodate different phones!

This pouch type is one of the easiest and least costly on the market. Made of cloth material such as nylon Cordura, with either a Velcro flap or some other mechanism for closure. These are among the most frequently purchased surplus market bags, so they’re relatively cheap compared to their competition, yet they are still effective at holding small items securely together.

Expandable pockets are another type of molle pouch designed to accommodate most phones and accessories. Their strong zipper and buckle ensure that equipment remains safe, and their adjustable flap can adjust for the height of phones and accessories. Ideal for military or security personnel as well as hiking, working, or everyday use – expandable pouches make molle gear easier to carry around!

Magazine pouches are another popular type of molle pouch, ideal for mounting on vests and belts to carry essential tools and gear. Available in various sizes, shapes, and materials – magazine pouches offer excellent access to equipment at all times! They can also be found at an array of prices to accommodate different budgets.

Consider quality when choosing a molle pouch. When shopping, look for ones that meet Berry Amendment compliance, meaning that they’re made in either the United States or an allied country and come equipped with an NSN number for easy government procurement.