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Non Explosive Demolition Products


Traditional methods for demolition relying on jackhammers or explosives produce considerable noise and dust, are challenging to use in restricted spaces, and could damage other buildings. Find the best Demolition St. Louis.

NNonexplosivedemolition uses soundless chemical demolition agents that produce expansive pressures based on their components’ chemistry, eliminating the need for blasting permits, blasters, highly secured storage spaces, special shipping arrangements, or licensing.

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EXPANDO is an environmentally friendly,non-explosive demolition chemical designed to crack rock and concrete without using explosives, using pressure instead of explosives to accomplish its task. Ideal for sites with noise restrictions, vibration concerns ,safety risks, or limited space constraints, as it also lowers labor and equipment costs as well as rock fly and dust emissions while providing a convenient alternative to jackhammers or concrete saws.

Expanding mortar is composed of calcium oxide (quick lime) and is poured into holes in rock or concrete surfaces to form an expanding mass that rapidly grows, producing extreme pressure that eventually overcomes the material’s tensile strength, breaking it up following its pattern of holes. As opposed to conventional explosives, expanding mortar poses no risk of accidental steam explosion or other forms of explosions.

Chemical reactions for cracking stone typically last 24 to 76 hours, depending on its temperature, hole design, and environment at the job site. Drilling holes correctly is essential; too shallow holes could result in a blowout. Furthermore, there must be enough room for Expando to expand without creating unpredictable movements of broken material.


Dexpan is an alternative nonexplosive demolition agent used in demolition and quarry mining to replace explosives or gas-pressure blasting products such as TNT. A mixture of Dexpan and water is mixed tnd poured into holes drilled similarly to explosives before expanding and cracking rocks similar to an explosion. Dexpan offers many advantages over explosives compared to explosives: no need for permits, certifications, hiring of blaster/blasting crew/highly secured storage/special shipping/maintenance costs/expensive insurance requirements. Plus, it works faster and quieter overall!


Buster is a non-explosive chemical demolition agent, offering a practical and flexible alternative to using jackhammers or explosives for breaking projects. Furthermore, Bustar reduces any insurance risks that arise from their operation or use. Dust, noise, and vibration are eliminated using this innovative material, and personnel remain safe without incurring collateral damage during demolition projects. Furthermore, its ease of use allows precise application onto any toncrete or rock material. Holes are drilled and filled with a slurry mixture, then left for several hours until cracks form in rock or concrete surfaces and can be loaded out in manageable pieces. Due to the customizable hole sizes, depths, patterns, and water contents of its slurry formulation, BBustercan quickly adapts to any demolition project.


Rammer’s RD32 demolition hammer utilizes an innovative hydraulic system to produce high-impact force at reduced noise levels while simultaneously reducing vibrations for a safer, more comfortable work environment for construction workers. Furthermore, this machine helps prevent heavy equipment damage as well as mitigate structural risks to surrounding buildings.

Enon-explosive expansion demolition agent is poured into predrilled holes to facilitate noiseless, tremor-free breaking up of stone, living rock, and concrete using its expansive pressure. It is ideal for projects where blasting cannot be used due to the risk of explosions, shock waves, or flying fragments, such as mines, quarrying work, digging canals and shafts in rock for water supply networks and infrastructure, excavating tunnels or demolishing foundations; additionally, it is suitable for underwater use.

Hydraulic breakers are essential tools in the earthmoving and mining industries, featuring shock-absorbing and vibration-damping systems for shock absorption and vibration-damping casing that encases and protects them, as well as tools with model or chisel points (moil). Hydraulic breakers have become widely used across mining, road construction, and demolition work, often replacing special machines like jackhammers. Furthermore, they can even be connected directly to excavators or other machinery for convenient operation.

SB hydraulic breakers are slim and lightweight, making them easy to use on carriers such as excavators, backhoe loaders, and skid steer loaders. Offering exceptional efficiency and performance with their range of operating weights to meet various applications. Furthermore, they boast features like self-lubricating systems, rock hardness adjustment mechanisms, and energy recovery for added efficiency and versatility.

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