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Paving Ideas to Match Your House Style


Pavers add an elegant finish to your home and connect indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. Discover paving ideas to complement both your landscape design and house style. Select the best Santa Fe Asphalt Paving.

Create an inviting pathway through your garden using pavers made of different materials. Include seating nooks and garden vignettes to provide restful moments of tranquility.

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Paving can give any garden an on-trend aesthetic. Offering an assortment of contemporary styles to choose from, there is sure to be something to meet all tastes and garden designs. Block paving ideas work great to give a modern front garden an elegant finish with their subtle shade variations and pattern variations, or for something bolder, you could leave gaps between slabs to plant low-growing herbs or grasses that thrive with minimal soil (provided it doesn’t become waterlogged!).

If no-grass front yard ideas are prevalent in your region, make the most of your paved areas by getting creative with seating arrangements, relaxation spots, and permeable paving solutions to reduce the heat island effect in urban environments. Environmentally conscious gardens may prefer these as they’re easy to install and offer cost-effective ways of making their gardens more sustainable.


If you own a classic period property, your garden paving should ideally complement its style. There are various methods to do this, from formal herringbone patterns to more informal pieces like setts. If you have enough room, an irregular paver layout can create the effect of a cottage garden. Our selection of traditional paving slabs and flagstones make an excellent addition to both conventional and more contemporary gardens alike. These authentic aged-look paving slabs add a genuine aged appearance that complements any setting and come in various finishes, colors, and sizes to complement any decor. Furthermore, this style of paving is both practical and easy to lay; its regular width makes achieving an informal or timeworn aesthetic simple and straightforward.


There are plenty of paving ideas that combine functionality and beauty, from realistic marble-effect tiles that give the same effect but require less upkeep to porcelain wood-effect tiles that mimic natural wood but won’t fade under direct sunlight to herringbone patterns that catch the eye—there’s sure to be something perfect out there! Don’t forget that laying a paved area requires professional assistance, so use Airtasker Tradie as your trusted partner to ease the pressure.


For an up-to-the-minute aesthetic, select sleek and smooth paving slabs in natural stone to create an indoor/outdoor space that blends seamlessly into the rest of your garden design and furnishings. They pair particularly well with modern outdoor furniture but can also complement more subdued pieces and greenery for contrast and texture.

Block paving designs can add informality to modern gardens without overwhelming their simplicity or making an overwhelming statement. Their subtle, unobtrusive beauty won’t compete for attention against more muted designs.

Porcelain paving can make an excellent addition to contemporary gardens, mainly grey concrete-effect options. When combined with gravel or plants for an informal yet trendy aesthetic.

Leave regular gaps between paving slabs for planting purposes and to blur the boundary between paved areas and lawns or borders. Low-growing herbs like thyme and grasses thrive with this treatment and add fragrance and color as they flourish. Or opt for an informal country garden look by creating a gravel path filled with soft sandy gravel that fills any gaps – ideal for linking different parts of your garden together, leading to your front door, or even linking other parts together!