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Homer is beautiful throughout the year, boasting towering mountains, forests, and glaciers – but during peony season, its vibrant hues really come to life!

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Copenhagen, Denmark’s charming capital, seamlessly merges history, culture, and modernity to offer visitors an exceptional city tour experience. From beautiful parks and tranquil canals to gorgeous gardens and majestic palaces – Copenhagen boasts attractions to satisfy travelers of all kinds.

Slotsholmen and Christian Town are home to some of the city’s most beloved attractions, including museums, castles, royal palaces, and the Danish parliament building. Access to these landmarks is made easier through an extensive network of buses, metros, and trains; additionally, a Copenhagen Card can be purchased to save money when traveling by public transportation.

Copenhagen bike rentals offer another effective means of navigating the city, with an extensive cycle path network providing safe commuting conditions and being an eco-friendly solution for tourists who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

For an alternative way of experiencing Copenhagen, take a guided boat tour through its harbors and canals. These boat tours provide an entertaining way to see all that Copenhagen has to offer while providing unique perspectives on its architecture and culture. These can be booked through local guides who will show you around!

Copenhagen is surrounded by water, offering residents and visitors alike an excellent way to cool off on hot summer days. The waterfront features several public harbor baths dotted along its waterfront; these baths include some that offer platforms for jumping while others contain pools for young children – visiting these baths is an engaging way to experience local culture while cooling off in clean waters.

The Little Mermaid statue, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, is another must-see attraction in Copenhagen. Tour companies typically visit this iconic monument as part of their sightseeing plans; however, you could opt for a tour that begins somewhere else within Copenhagen and visit this area without seeing this iconic icon.


Madrid, known for its charming streets and vibrant nightlife, is an international city well worth visiting at least once. Thanks to its central location and access to other parts of Spain, Madrid serves as an ideal starting point for discovering all it has to offer; furthermore, shopping and eating out are top activities here as well as sightseeing! Here are some top things you can do in Madrid:

Plaza Mayor

Madrid’s grand arcade, designed by Juan de Villanueva and boasting its timeless elegance, is the ideal spot for photos in Spain. It is one of its main tourist spots and one of its must-see spots when traveling there.

Real Madrid Stadium

The Santiago Bernabeu is home to Real Madrid, one of the world’s premier football clubs. Spanish fans love soccer, and witnessing one of their games will surely be an unforgettable experience if you happen to be visiting Madrid at that time! Even if football is not your thing, its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views will still make this an incredible stop on any tour of Madrid!

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza was once Baron Hans-Heinrich Thyssen’s private art collection; today, however, it stands as one of the city’s premier art museums. Boasting works by some of history’s most acclaimed artists – Van Gogh, Caravaggio, and Hopper, among many others – as well as lesser-known masterpieces and 20th-century American works, its galleries feature some of its signature masterpieces on display.

El Retiro Park

Situated just on the edge of Madrid’s city center, El Retiro Park is an idyllic refuge from city life, featuring gorgeous gardens and fountains that attract both visitors and locals alike. Spend an afternoon relaxing while taking in Spanish culture – or both!

Air trips typically include round-trip international economy class airfare from your gateway and intra-tour flights (except city packages) on an itinerary-specific basis; please see itinerary pages for further details on air inclusions. All passports must be valid for at least six months from the travel date.


At first glance, Athens may appear chaotic and disorganized, yet it is a fantastic city to explore. The historic center boasts small cafes, cobbled streets, and ancient architecture to delight you while you visit top attractions like Plaka and Monastiraki or stroll through charming neighborhoods for a glimpse of everyday life in Athens.

Athens’ most celebrated landmark is unquestionably its Acropolis. Crowned by the Parthenon, this remarkable structure contains four sacred temples that were once central to Athens life; the Temple of Zeus, Erechtheion, and Stadium were all once essential components. A guided tour is highly recommended to any visitor to Athens.

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is another must-visit attraction. Packed full of archaeological artifacts and located conveniently close to the Acropolis, you can reach this museum via taxi (5 minutes), metro (10 minutes if taking Omonia stop), or walking.

Nature enthusiasts must make time to visit Meteora if they love nature; its UNESCO-listed rock monasteries offer incredible sights. Once home to hermits as inaccessible religious retreats, now these monasteries open their doors for visitors who can marvel at priceless icons and breathtaking bird’s-eye views.

Outshone by its stunning natural scenery is the area’s unique species of Micromeria micropolitan peony flowers, which bloom on Acropolis but can also be found in Amyntaio town and at Goulandris Museum, where an exciting new exhibit focuses on these mythologically significant blooms.

Athens is an incredible destination, and Peony Tours makes exploring it even more delightful with an escorted trip through Athens. Our itineraries include international flights, luxurious hotels, safe transportation services, and expert guides, as well as delectable meals and cultural exchange experiences – all for an unbeatable value!


Homer, Alaska, is famous for its breathtaking scenery: mountains, glaciers, and beaches all year long make this area truly unique to explore. However, during summer, peonies bloom abundantly; their bright colors stand out against the landscape beautifully while adding natural beauty as edible blooms that can be added to salads, soups, or cakes! Additionally, numerous peony farms attract visitors from around the globe; Alaska Perfect Peony Co-op offers tours, while Joslyn Family Farm gives views from 1200 feet up on Diamond Ridge – offering breathtaking panoramic views over Homer!

Homer can be reached in several ways, such as public transport and private plane charters. Raven Alaska Airlines makes several roundtrip flights a day from Anchorage to Homer; you can buy your ticket online and reserve your seat on one that fits best into your schedule and budget.

Homer is a beautiful town located at the southernmost tip of Alaska, famed for its natural beauty and fishing opportunities. Homer’s idyllic bay, pristine coastline, and abundant wildlife make it an ideal family destination. Homer offers many attractions and activities designed to keep everyone engaged – from hiking and kayaking to shopping and dining; with Pratt Museum and Park featuring exhibits of local science, history, and Alaska Native artifacts, while the Sea Life Aquarium is another prominent landmark of Homer.

Homer was an influential blind poet who is considered one of the greatest and most prolific writers ever. His epic poems, Iliad and Odyssey, remain among the world’s classic works, frequently being performed live at concerts featuring him. Additionally, Homer composed his poetry using archaic Greek, which contains elements of other dialects.

There are various theories regarding Homer. Some scholars believe he was an individual author responsible for both of his great works, while others suggest they may have been composed from multiple sources by several different individuals – this idea is known as the Homeric Question.”