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Polio Vaccine Adverse Events


Polio vaccines protect people from developing poliomyelitis and can be given as an inactivated or weakened oral poliovirus vaccine. The World Health Organization recommends complete polio vaccination for all children. These vaccinations prevent both acute and chronic poliomyelitis. Inactivated poliovirus vaccines are administered via injection, while the oral polio vaccine is given by mouth.

Inactivated poliovirus vaccine

Inactivated poliovirus vaccine is an effective vaccination against poliomyelitis, a disease caused by poliovirus types 1, 2, and 3. It is safe and effective when given to infants and children from six weeks of age to 17 years of age. It is also effective with yellow fever or measles-rubella combined vaccine. The vaccine is available in different forms and administration routes.

Paralytic poliomyelitis

Paralytic poliomyelitis occurs when poliovirus attacks the brain or spinal cord. This can cause paralysis and can also affect the breathing and swallowing muscles. Paralytic polio is more severe than other forms of polio, and it is essential to be vaccinated against the virus.


Poliomyelitis is a disease caused by the poliovirus. Two polio vaccines are used to prevent poliomyelitis: inactivated poliovirus given as an injection and weakened poliovirus given by mouth. The World Health Organization recommends that all children be fully vaccinated against poliomyelitis.

OPV adverse events

The report focuses on adverse events of the oral polio vaccine. It begins with background information and assessing the causal relationship between the vaccine and specific adverse reactions. It continues with discussions on the mechanisms of adverse reactions, immunologic responses, and neurologic disorders. In addition, the report discusses vaccine-specific evidence and conclusions. Finally, chapter 10 covers the risk of death following vaccination.

OPV cost

The price of polio vaccine per dose has risen to nearly $1.81 in the Gavi-supported countries. UNICEF provides the vaccine for low and middle-income countries, but the organization is anticipating lower prices from new manufacturers and current suppliers. The vaccine is essential to prevent the spread of polio, a highly contagious viral infection that primarily affects young children and can result in paralysis or even death. The virus is spread through contaminated water and food.

OPV side effects

Side effects of OPV vaccination are rare, but you should speak with your doctor if you are concerned. Some are mild, while others can be more severe. Some of these can be permanent or even life-threatening, so you should discuss these side effects with your doctor.