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Right Choice Insurance Brokers Reviews


Right Choice Insurance Brokers is an insurance company based in Romford, Essex. It offers a range of car, van, motorbike, and home insurance.

The broker specializes in providing cover for customers considered to be non-standard or high-risk. It also has a particular Telematics solution.

Customer Service

Right Choice Insurance Brokers, founded in 2008 by Mike Joseph, is a Romford-based provider of car, home, bike, van, commercial, taxi, and breakdown insurance services. They have various insurers to choose from, allowing them to offer competitive premiums.

They also have a no-claim bonus protection for their customers who can prove they have driven for at least one year without making any claims. They have a good reputation for customer service and a dedicated call center staff to deal with any queries.

They also offer a range of covers, such as roadside assistance, critical cover, and excess protection. The company also has several other products, such as short-term car insurance and temporary van insurance.


Suitable insurance covers can be a big part of ensuring you don’t end up out of pocket after an incident. It is important to remember that you need to be able to get in touch with your insurers as soon as you have an accident if you want them to help you out as quickly as possible.

A broker can help you find the right cover for your needs. They usually work directly with insurance companies to advise you on the best policy for you. They also have specialist knowledge and experience, which means they can offer you advice on the types of insurance that might not be available on comparison sites.

Right Choice Insurance Brokers offers a range of car and van insurance covers. They also provide insurance for convicted drivers, taxi drivers, and those with specialist cars, such as high-performance or imported vehicles.

Policy Documents

Right Choice Insurance Brokers provides comprehensive insurance coverage in a sleek package. The company has a range of policy levels available and offers a no-claims discount if you can avoid making any claims over a specified period.

They also provide a variety of optional extras, including breakdown cover, critical cover, and excess protection. If you’re considering taking out a car insurance policy from them, we recommend reading through their policy documents and requesting detailed information about what is covered.

Founded by Mike Joseph in 2008, Right Choice Insurance Brokers is one of the leading players in distributing non-standard private motor insurance. It operates from two centers of excellence in Romford and Redditch, has a state-of-the-art data enrichment and validation center, and is partnered with a panel of UK insurers. Its signature offering is a cutting-edge telematics solution for private cars.


Right Choice Insurance Brokers provide many car, van, and motorcycle policies. They aim to offer their customers the best prices by sourcing deals from insurers.

They also offer cover for young and convicted drivers and specialized motorbike and import covers. You can also apply for No-Claim bonus protection if you drive for several without making any claims, which will help to price your premium.

Unlike insurance agents, brokers are not tied to any specific insurers, and the chances of bias are much lower. This allows them to make a more informed decision about your needs and the right policy.