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Send a Fruit Basket For Wedding


Wedding gifts are an integral way to show your affection and wish the couple a bright future. Send something symbolic of purity and fresh starts like a fruit basket as wedding presents.

Fruit baskets provide a healthy alternative to flowers that wilt quickly; many companies now offer convenient online fruit basket delivery.

Cane & Fruit Baskets

Cane and wicker wedding decor options are among the most earthy, earth-toned options, not to mention easy on your wallet. Their earthy elegance complements any color theme beautifully, and you can use these baskets as hanging decor, table centerpieces, or even with lighting (such as fairy lights) for an incredible decoration idea!

A heart-shaped basket filled with small gifts or sweet treats symbolizes the joys of love, promising many happy moments to the couple receiving it. May Day baskets filled with gorgeous blossoms represent renewal, and an Amish corner basket offers practicality and craftsmanship as an impressive token.

An elaborately decorated basket makes a fun addition to any holiday celebration and features peppermint carnations, edible candy canes, and fragrant pinecones adorned with berries – making this festive arrangement the ideal way to show your loved ones you care from far away.

Edible Arrangements(r)

At any wedding, there’s always the opportunity for something truly memorable to give as a present. Make their celebration even more unforgettable by selecting an Edible Arrangement(r), such as a heart-shaped pineapple with strawberry and apple wedges hand-dipped in creamy white chocolate for an edible centerpiece that they will treasure even after their special day is over.

Finding a sweet and personalized treat that reflects the newlyweds’ unique personalities and tastes is always possible, from rustic or outdoor weddings to more elegant celebrations such as formal dinner parties. A wicker basket filled with fresh berries and stone fruits makes an attractive rustic or outdoor wedding centerpiece; for more formal events, a large fruit arrangement in an eye-catching vase makes an eye-catching table centerpiece that is sure to please both couple and their guests!

If you want to show the bride and groom your appreciation with a gift they’ll remember forever, there are various possibilities available to you. A box of chocolate-dipped fruit makes an irresistibly delicious way to show your thanks for attending or helping plan their big day; or consider offering them something like an appetizer-and-dessert platter like fresh baked cookies, gourmet brownies, and mini cheesecakes as treats!

When purchasing gifts for married couples who seem to have everything already, it’s important to remember that thoughtful presents that reflect individual personalities and preferences will always be more appreciated than generic store-bought items. Shop Edible Arrangements(r) Your Way Collection to find something memorable even the pickiest couple will love.

If you can’t attend the wedding, Edible Arrangements(r) gift baskets make an ideal way to send your best wishes or serve as the perfect favor – berries and grapes make excellent treats that can quickly be brought home by guests or shared among family.


Fruit baskets make an excellent present and can be customized to match any event or milestone imaginable – be it their birthday, wedding, anniversary, other milestone celebration, or simply as get-well or sympathy gifts.

Other than traditional wicker or wire baskets, fruit baskets can also be made out of glass, ceramic, metal, and other materials – such as glassware, ceramic tiles, or metal sheets. When selecting the type of basket to use in your fruit gift baskets, consider both the size and weight of items to include. A more enormous watermelon requires a larger basket. You could even have additional treats like chocolates or wine.

Add an elegant finishing touch to your fruit basket by adding a decorative ribbon in colors that compliment the theme of the party, such as choosing bows that combine all three. Plus, to complete the look, add a card or message along with it!

Gifting fruits has deep-seated traditions in ancient cultures, symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and health. No matter, if it’s for birthdays, graduation, or work promotions – fruit baskets, are great ways of showing loved ones just how much you care.

Fruit baskets make an excellent addition to wedding celebrations as both table centerpieces and favors, providing guests with both table decorations and favors to take home from their celebration. Plus, fruit baskets offer an alternative to sugary wedding cakes while being an enjoyable source of snacks during receptions – they even pair nicely with champagne for an unforgettable cocktail hour experience!

Citrus fruits make great wedding favors because they’re relatively affordable and can be purchased in bulk. Clementines or tangerines are great examples; bulk boxes of either can provide many delicious favors at a meager cost. Or consider opting for dried apricots or figs instead for something exotic and unique, both sweet yet healthy options that last much longer than fresh produce!

Convenient Delivery

Fruit baskets make great presents for many occasions, from welcoming new hires, housewarmings, or business openings to commemorating a loss or passing. Fruit baskets offer something unique.

Crafting the ideal fruit basket involves more than simply placing fresh fruits in an appealing arrangement. From selecting the appropriate basket and decorations to wrapping it all up beautifully, creating the ideal fruit basket is more of an art than an exercise in fruit arrangement. A beautiful basket will leave an impressionful gift that the recipient is sure to remember long after its purpose has been served up!

Harry & David stands out as an extraordinary gift basket company with its impressive reputation and exquisite fruit baskets. Specializing in high-quality gourmet foods, their fruit baskets have long been favorites, with seasonal favorites like apples and pears alongside year-round ones like their signature berries – they even provide organic and kosher food options!

Fruit baskets make an impressive and affordable way to mark any special event, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduation ceremonies and beyond. Perfect as healthy alternatives to sweet treats or floral arrangements!

Fruit can be an energizing source of natural relief against stress and depression. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that will uplift your mood while providing an essential energy boost, fruit is also a proven method for lowering cholesterol levels and supporting heart health.

When purchasing a fruit basket for an event, you must use a company with convenient delivery options in order to guarantee timely and undamaged fruit deliveries. Furthermore, opt for companies that use refrigerated trucks so their products remain cold throughout their delivery processes and do not lose nutritional value during transport.