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Sendvid Downloader – How to Download Sendvid Video Online


Sendvid Downloader is an invaluable tool that makes downloading videos of high quality effortless. The download is quick, and you can easily play them anytime without an internet connection!

This program supports all popular online video sites and is fast, efficient, and secure – also offering GPU acceleration and numerous other features.

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GetFLV is a software program that makes downloading and converting videos from different video sites more straightforward, as it supports various file formats used across devices – from portable media players to desktop PCs and even phones! Furthermore, its user-friendly interface runs smoothly on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Downloading and installing this program from this page, using the ‘download’ button. After completion of installation, once launched, you can throw it whenever you come across a video you wish to save and use its batch downloading function to do it all simultaneously.

This program was created to assist users in capturing and saving internet videos to their computers. You can save any video you encounter online – from entertainment to work projects – using this software, with options for extracting audio from videos. In addition, the program comes equipped with several tools designed to enhance videos, such as cropping tools, watermark tools, and color sliders – but unfortunately can’t merge multiple clips into a single video.

GetFLV is one of the few programs capable of downloading and converting videos for optimal playback on any device and optimizing them into different formats that suit them best. In addition, this app also converts music files to match. Support for numerous formats includes WMV, MP4, AVI, and MP3.

The application can be easily installed on any PC running 32-bit to 64-bit Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating systems; laptops running Windows XP or Vista may also use it. When ready to remove, click ‘Uninstall’ in your application list.

There are various methods for protecting your computer against malware, such as performing regular scans for it and cleaning your hard disk with cleanmgr and sfc /scannow, uninstalling any no longer-needed programs, monitoring auto-start programs (using msconfig), and enabling automatic Windows updates. It is strongly advised that you perform these tasks before installing new programs; additionally, frequent backups should be scheduled with recovery points defined to minimize the risk of losing important information.


Keepvid is a comprehensive solution for downloading, managing, and editing video and audio content and transferring media between devices. With its user-friendly interface designed to be accessible for newcomers and available on both Mac OSX and Windows operating systems with numerous advanced features for use personally and professionally – Keepvid can serve all these needs perfectly!

Keepvid is available as a free download and is compatible with almost all mobile devices, using minimal storage space and saving you both time and money when converting videos. Furthermore, its multilingual capabilities make it even more valuable for international users. However, please be aware that its use for commercial purposes may not be legal.

Keepvid makes downloading video easy: access a video you want to save on either your computer or mobile device and copy its URL address for pasting into Keepvid’s search box. Click “Go” to begin the downloading process – once done, you can watch offline or with mobile access!

Keepvid can help to speed up your downloads with its browser add-on. A button based on Java Script works as a bookmark and allows you to skip various steps, saving time from copy-pasting URLs and clicking GO. Below is an image of Keepvid’s button; be sure to add it to your bookmarks!

KeepVid Pro offers another solution by supporting multiple file formats and can quickly convert YouTube videos into any number of designs for download on both Windows and Mac platforms. Furthermore, it also makes downloading videos from other sites possible and even converts audio files into video format!

KeepVid is a powerful software tool designed to download online videos in high definition, entirely for free. With a straightforward interface that requires little time, KeepVid can quickly be learned – especially its Pro version, which has more functionality.

Aqua Clip

ManyVids is an adult video hosting platform founded in 2014 in Montreal, Canada, and allows members to monetize their videos. Well-recognized for pioneering a service catering to fans of amateur adult content while protecting its creators’ rights, ManyVids also has an online store where users can purchase content from performers they admire; although not offering direct download capabilities of videos themselves it does provide many tools for video monetization and analytics that help its members thrive in this niche market.

Aqua Clip is an excellent free video downloader for Mac that supports all major video-sharing sites, including YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo. It’s user-friendly, with no registration or download requirements. Its preview player lets you decide which videos to save!

One advantage of using a video downloader is speed. Downloading full-length HD videos usually only takes minutes, and it works with most formats and resolutions – even 4K and 8K videos can be downloaded without loss in quality! Aqua Clip features an easy user interface that detects video URLs on any page and its built-in browser for swift navigation and searching.

This software has numerous useful features that make it a good choice for professional and casual users. It supports multiple file types and formats, can convert videos to MP3 files, and can record video from webcams or external devices – enabling easy editing with audio/visual effects added easily!

This powerful screen recording software offers an efficient solution to record any video from your computer or other sources, such as gaming vloggers or tutorial providers who need to capture their screen activity for later review. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make this an excellent choice for video creators.


Acethinker provides various products to meet your video-related needs for saving, converting, and restoring data on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices – so you can enjoy watching your videos anywhere!

Acethinker online video downloader is easy and works well across any operating system, supporting popular sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and LiveLeak. With its simple download procedure requiring simply entering a URL of any video to be downloaded and clicking its download button – its quality selection feature lets users select the quality for each downloaded file while its format conversion feature allows them to convert videos to various formats as needed.

Remember that downloading videos may take some time, depending on your internet connection speed and file size. Ensure your computer has enough storage space – otherwise, the download could be complete before it ends! If your connection is experiencing difficulty, use another browser or device for downloading.

This program’s free version is limited to three minutes of recording with a watermark, but its premium tool offers unlimited recordings with no time restriction or watermark. Both features provide webcam capture, system audio capture, real-time drawing tools, and a virtual keyboard for quick recording sessions.

Another fantastic feature of this program is its capacity to download multiple files simultaneously from over 1000+ websites and let you select your format of choice – such as HD or 4K video for playback on mobile devices! Furthermore, all major file formats are supported and easily transferred between computers.

Y2Mate DRM Removal is one of the best DRM removal programs on the market, featuring safe operation that won’t change or alter the original media files while effectively eliminating DRM from video or audio files.