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Seton Hall Prep NTPGA Prep Tour


Prep Tour is for NTPGA Junior members aged 7-19 who have begun golf and tournament play, providing competitive 9-hole individual stroke play events with caddies permitted. Caddies may also participate in Minny and Junior Tour tournaments.

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Training Program

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The NTPGA Prep Tour is an individual stroke play tournament series designed for junior golfers ages 7-19 with starting-level tournament experience. The Prep Tour provides an introduction to tournament competition and equips them with skills essential for the lasting enjoyment of golf.

Players must be members of the NTPGA in order to participate in Prep Tour events, offering players an invaluable chance to gain tournament experience while keeping it fun and less stressful. Furthermore, this tour serves as an essential link between entry-level Links Tour events and NTPGA Junior Tour tournaments.

Each player is placed into one of four divisions based on their current academic grade and season in which they play; spring-season players may compete as per their current grade, while summer-season players should focus on what will become their fall-grade grade at that time. Based on your grade level, you may even qualify to compete at either the Prep Tour Championship or Minny Tour Championship tournaments at the end of the year!

Please be aware that should they no longer be able to participate in an event; they must request a refund by the due date if they are no longer attending it. Otherwise, they will be marked as a no-show for that particular event and not eligible to register for future ones. Caddies are permitted at Prep Tour events, with costs covered by registration fees.

College Prep Events

Are You Searching for a College-Prep Education That Fosters Moral Character and Leadership Skills? Seton Hall Prep welcomes visitors who would like to experience its vibrant community first-hand by attending Admission Office events or scheduling Gael-for-a-Day visits today. Your visit will allow you to discover everything Rose Hill Campus has to offer firsthand!

These events are open to prospective students and their families. Attendees will gain insight into the school’s mission and values, academics, athletics, culture, and community programming, as well as equity and belonging programming – as well as an opportunity to ask any pertinent questions they might have about enrolling at our institution.

This virtual workshop will help deconstruct the financial aid process at independent schools, answering any of your queries about it. At this time, you’ll speak directly with one of our team of financial assistance members and gain more clarity into the costs associated with College Prep education – tuition fees, books & supplies fees, out-of-area trip fees, and transportation charges are just a few examples of expenses you can expect to encounter; our generous financial aid packages cover these costs in full!


Prep Tour is an NTPGA tournament program created for junior golfers aged 7-19 who have attained beginning-level golf and tournament experience. This competitive 9-hole individual stroke play tournament series runs all year in East Texas, West Texas, and DFW Metroplex, as well as 18-hole courses throughout East Texas West Texas DFW Metroplex; caddies are welcome at these events; 9-12 year-olds may also compete in our Minny Tour for additional tournament experience at an informal competitive level (though those moving up the ranks become ineligible for Minny and Prep events again in future rounds). However, those stepping up into Junior Tour are no longer eligible to compete back down in Minny Tour or Prep events unless playing up into Junior Tour events (which would allow caddies back down), such as 18-hole courses within Texas/West Texas/DFW Metroplex areas or DFW Metroplex areas (East/West/DFW Metroplex). Caddies may also play in Minny Tour events; those moving up through to the Junior Tour become ineligible back down again).


Students have several scholarship opportunities available through the PGA Foundation that provide recipients with tour membership dues, tournament event fees (up to seven per year until they reach 18 years of age), and connections with PGA Professional mentors who provide instruction/coaching/fitting of clubs.

The Prep is committed to welcoming talented students regardless of their financial standing. In support of this effort, we offer merit scholarships ranging from $3,000 per year up to full tuition annually – these awards may also be combined with academic and financial aid awards to help families cover the costs associated with attending our school.

Students looking to be considered for a Merit Scholarship must meet specific criteria: they must possess an excellent entrance exam score (typically in the 98th percentile), a solid academic profile, a history of leadership and service activities, outstanding teacher recommendations, as well as writing an exceptional entrance essay. Those in contention for such awards will be invited for an interview at their respective school in early December.

Families should explore all sources of funding available to them to cover the Prep education costs, including resources from both parents, even if divorced or separated, grandparents, other relatives, church funds, outside scholarships/grants, and student earnings. We use a method known as Brother’s Reduction, which will assist families in determining eligibility.