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Shamrock Trading Corporation


Shamrock Trading Corporation was established in 1986 to offer freight brokerage, managed transportation, and international trade finance. They also provide discount programs for trucking companies across the United States.

Over 700 employees work at this Overland Park facility and receive an attractive benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Employee Benefits

Shamrock Trading Corporation is the parent company for several brands within transportation services, finance, and technology. Based in Overland Park, Kansas, they provide employee benefits that include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, 401k plans, invoicing, credit analysis, and supply discounting services.

Shamrock is dedicated to supporting its employees to reach their full potential in the workplace and thrive, offering regular training and development opportunities designed to build skills, gain knowledge, and prepare for future career goals. Furthermore, they provide an outstanding work/life balance with flexible working arrangements and family-friendly policies.

Employees at this company are encouraged to think like owners and share their ideas with management. This ownership approach fosters employee pride and responsibility, which has a positive effect on projects and company culture overall. Employees at the company are recognized for their hard work with various employee appreciation events throughout the year.

According to their website, Shamrock boasts an employee satisfaction rate of 3.5 out of 5 and competitive salary offerings. Their average full-time employee’s annual compensation averages $90,000. This number is 36% above the national average.

Shamrock offers an expansive internship program. Interns can gain knowledge of transportation and logistics industries through formal instruction, hands-on system training, and direct guidance from mentors. During these sales internships, professional buyers provide them with advice and sales internships, which gives students a chance to sell alongside professional buyers. Shamrock internships are available to students of all majors but are especially beneficial to those studying business economics or marketing degrees.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of Shamrock Trading, including employee data from self-reported information from employees and public and private datasets. Furthermore, the website gives an overview of company culture, salaries, and other essential aspects that may assist job seekers when considering working there.

RTS Financial

RTS Financial, part of the Shamrock family of brands for transportation services, finance, and technology, provides factoring solutions for working capital. Their transparent factoring rates don’t conceal fees – meaning customers can build cashflow quickly through easy invoice uploads with same-day funding and outstanding customer service. Furthermore, RTS offers international trade finance and discount programs tailored specifically for trucking companies.

Ryan Transportation Services of Overland Park, Kansas, operates throughout the United States through its subsidiaries: Ryan Transportation, RTS Carrier Services, and RTS Pro. Each division specializes in trucking solutions and benefits, from factoring to discount programs for fuel maintenance and tire service – covering 40 states with 150+ locations nationwide.

Since 1995, this company has had over 1,000 employees. Their core values focus on solid ethics, customer loyalty, and market knowledge; clients range from trucking and oilfield services to renewable energy projects. Their top competitors include Corefund Capital, Ultimate Finance Group PLC, New Century Financial Inc, and Corporate Factoring Group.

Recently, the company has focused on strengthening customer service and using its expertise in freight payments to assist truckers in improving their cash flow, significantly improving overall customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the company developed a mobile app for more manageable bill payments.

RTS Pro mobile application gives trucking companies easy access to factoring, fuel discounts, credit reports, and more. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices and free to download, it helps fleets streamline all daily operations under one app while meeting compliance obligations more efficiently – an invaluable asset for companies wanting to optimize operations.

Ryan Transportation

Ryan Transportation is an innovative third-party logistics provider specializing in freight brokerage and managed transportation services. It features innovative technology and an exclusive carrier network to assist businesses in taking control of their shipping needs and improving supply chains. Their dedicated account managers, real-time shipment tracking capabilities and cost-cutting initiatives help companies control their shipping needs while strengthening supply chains.

The company provides value-added freight services, such as flatbed and dry van truckload services, temperature-controlled truckload services, intermodal services, and less-than-truckload freight services across North America – serving companies from manufacturing, retail, chemical, government energy, and agriculture industries.

RTS Financial, RTS International, RTS Carrier Services, and ProTransport are among its subsidiaries. RTS Carrier Services is an industry leader for trucking companies’ fuel and maintenance savings programs, while its international trade finance division offers quick funding solutions for exporters worldwide. RTS International also offers cash advance and foreign exchange services for global companies, with headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

Established in 1986, McLeod LoadMaster provides comprehensive trucking and cargo brokering services. Their experienced accounts managers offer personalized customer attention while supporting their logistics needs. McLeod LoadMaster software enables businesses to improve shipping efficiency, reduce risks, and increase profits; its iPhone application allows quick access to real-time information directly from McLeod LoadMaster; its users can create/edit customers/locations/master records as well as dispatch loads quickly while sending wires/Callins without delay!

Furthermore, this company features an advanced back office that provides financial services to trucking companies and fleets – invoicing, credit analysis, supplier discounting, and more – including invoicing, credit analysis, and supplier discounting. They also have various payment methods, such as direct deposit or electronic funds transfer. Furthermore, its customer service representatives are always on standby 24/7 to address customer questions or concerns, while its technology team continually works to optimize systems. Ultimately, their aim is to become one of America’s premier trucking and logistics providers!

Office Administrator

Shamrock Trading Corporation is a family-owned firm with subsidiaries that specialize in trucking logistics, financial services, and international business. Headquartered near Kansas City in Missouri and with subsidiaries such as RTS Carrier Services, RTS Financial, and Ryan Transportation as subsidiaries; Shamrock offers trucking companies financing options such as supply discount programs and international trade finance as well as transportation management, back office support services, and treasury services for customer payments, reviewing deposit information regularly through account research and analysis.

Kansas State University recently received a generous donation of $1 Million from Shamrock Student Success Suite Inc to enhance educational resources and work collaboratively on goals with peers while meeting personal aspirations goals. Furthermore, K-State will create an endowment fund to sustain National Strategic Selling Institute at K-State through this gift.