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SpokeChoice App Review



SpokeChoice is an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Home Care Solution designed for agencies. It offers an easy, secure, cost-effective method of managing all aspects of an agency’s business and the EVV process – more user-friendly than DDReports while helping meet AHCCCS requirements for EVV verification.

Starting the app is straightforward. After it downloads to your device and launches automatically, within minutes, you’ll be using it to clock in/out/track time and access your eApproved hours directly within the app – available both for iOS and Android platforms so you can use it from a phone/tablet combination!

This app also boasts a built-in timer to assist in tracking hours worked when on the move, perfect for keeping tabs on work progress. Furthermore, the calendar sync feature ensures you log precisely how many hours per day!

SpokeChoice can also be launched quickly from Safari on iPhones by creating a home screen shortcut. Navigate to its website and use its share button, then add it as an “add to home screen.” Your home screen shortcut will appear like any native app and can even run across devices that access the internet!

SpokeChoice is an intuitive tool designed to increase employee productivity and engagement, allowing them to spend more time with clients while improving service quality. Installation and use are effortless; users can access SpokeChoice from any computer or mobile device with internet connectivity.

Apps such as TimeTrac are generally accessible for download and use; however, paid accounts may be required to make use of all its features. While TimeTrac may be used by both individuals and businesses alike, its primary use case lies with professionals who need to track attendance daily, as well as schedule appointments or send reminders out to clients.

Time Clock

Time Clock software can be an efficient and effective way to increase employee accountability and company output. By eliminating many of the manual tasks managers and supervisors must complete daily to track employee hours, Time Clock solutions can help companies attain higher profit levels, and employee accountability is increased as a result. For optimal results, any solution should offer user-friendly features, payroll integration capabilities, and the capability to report on various forms of data.

Time Clock Wizard offers an effortless solution for tracking team timekeeping. Users can log in from multiple devices – mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers – making its user-friendly interface accessible regardless of technical expertise.

One advantage of using this system is that it securely stores records online, enabling you to access them when needed. Furthermore, you can customize its appearance to reflect your brand. Your logo can appear prominently on the login screen so customers are easily identifiable.

The system offers several valuable features, such as a dashboard that lists unbilled visits and provides a breakdown of services performed by each worker. Furthermore, you can tailor your dashboard by choosing which columns and filters to view, enabling you to focus on critical data. Lastly, timesheets for individual workers can even be considered.


Users will quickly become overwhelmed if given a long list of items to fill out, which may prevent them from finishing your form. To prevent this from happening, try breaking up your paper into smaller steps – this allows users to focus on one task at a time without being distracted by others and keeps your users engaged through the entire process without losing interest or momentum.

Additionally, to divide forms into manageable steps, it’s wise to allow users to reschedule an appointment by sending out a link via a confirmation email or by including this option within your app. Both options will reduce back and forth and make scheduling appointments that suit busy lives simpler for users.

Your users will appreciate being able to reschedule or cancel an appointment without worry, thus improving customer satisfaction. Plus, having users update their schedules with accurate data accurately depicts sales and marketing performance for your business.

Your schedules and planned activities can also be displayed in different ways, from timelines spanning 1 hour to one year in duration, through daily, weekly, or monthly calendars to lists, Gantt charts, or visual maps. Furthermore, you can set your favorite color scheme and background images to enhance relaxation.

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The spokechoice reporting feature allows you to account for your hours and earnings accurately. This tool is particularly beneficial for direct support professionals and supervisors; log your hours from your phone or computer!

SpokeChoice also offers a mobile app to keep track of your schedule on the go, which can be very helpful for employees who travel frequently. This free service comes equipped with many features and functionality.

Start using the app by signing in on the iSolved website, which will give you access to your paystubs and other information, such as member-exclusive offers and the latest news. To maximize the use of my choice membership, log your hours daily.