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Taylor Swift Owns Holiday House, Also Known As High Watch and Locally As the Harkness House


Holiday House was constructed between 1929-1930, also known as High Watch or locally as Harkness House on Watch Hill’s great bluff. Now owned by singer Taylor Swift, its former resident was Rebekah Harkness, who held on to it until she died in 2010.

Holiday House expanded from New York to Palm Beach this year and welcomed designers and brands who used it as an incubator for tabletop design inspiration.


Holiday House was constructed between 1929 and 1930 for the Snowden family, who owned an oil company. Later, it became home to Rebekah Harkness, Heiress to Standard Oil, who lived a lavish lifestyle. Later, businessman Gurdon B Wattles renovated and renamed it High Watch; today, Taylor Swift owns this historic home.

Garden designs focus on native species, featuring magnolias, viburnums, and ilex softened by perennials and grasses such as Echinacea asters and Siberian Irises. French drains were installed to help mitigate storm-water runoff; Wilson describes his home as feeling calm and ordered upon entry.