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Ted Baker’s Mous Phone Case Review


This Airo Shock Mous Phone Case is an interesting case that combines superior drop protection with a sleek profile. With only 22 days left on its Indiegogo campaign, the Airo Shock Mous case is already 523% funded. The case will be available in December for the iPhone 6/6s/7, but iPhone Plus users will have to wait until January to get their hands on one.

Moshi’s Vitros phone case

The Moshi Vitros phone case for the iPhone XR is a slim, clear case that provides drop protection in a minimalist form factor. It uses a proprietary metal-vaporization process to achieve a high-gloss finish. The Vitros also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which makes it a great buy.

The Moshi Vitros case comes with a detachable wrist strap. This strap attaches to the case via a stainless steel notch. When not in use, you can remove the strap and use it as an anchor. The case also comes with a nano shield antibacterial coating.

The Moshi Vitros is a strange case, but it is still good-looking. The clear plastic is made of a material that doesn’t yellow or leaves watermarks. It’s also flexible and feels great in your hand. The case covers just 0.8mm of your phone’s screen, making it ideal for holding and taking pictures.

The Moshi Vitros case is available in multiple styles and price points. They come in waterproof cases and folio styles, as well as cases for the iPhone. In addition to their cases, Moshi also makes a line of screen protectors. These cases also work with the company’s Snap to the mounting system. The magnetic parts can be fitted to the back of the case, similar to Apple’s MagSafe system. This way, you can use your iPhone with it without removing the case.

The Moshi Vitros iPhone XR phone case is a slim, clear case that offers drop protection without being bulky. Its high-gloss finish is created with a proprietary metal vaporization process. This case also comes with a storage slot for a SIM ejector tool. In addition to this, the case offers enough space to hold two SIM cards. The Moshi Vitros case also has a Qi compatibility feature, which means you can use your iPhone with a compatible charger.

The Vitros case is available in several colors and has military-grade drop protection. It also prevents watermarks and reduces the rainbow effect. The case also supports built-in wireless charging and has a raised bevel to protect the touchscreen. The case also allows for volume controls and wake/sleep screen buttons.

This case is drop-rated to MilStd 810G, but the edges of the Moshi Vitros case are still high enough to keep the device from touching a flat surface. The Moshi Talos case is even more durable than the Altra. It is drop-rated to 10 feet theoretically, though it is not stated on the Moshi website.

This leather phone case comes in several different colors. The cover is reminiscent of a leather book. It features several card slots, an ID window, and magnets. This case fits snugly to the phone and comes in three styles: Moss Green, Mushroom Gray, and Mindful Lavender. It also has a great finish and is very grippy.

Ted Baker’s Mous Limitless 3.0

Whether you’re a coffee lover or simply want to add serious style to your smartphone, Ted Baker’s new Mous phone case is ideal. Designed with durability in mind, Mous boasts features like raised edge protection, AiroShock technology, and a slim design. It also comes with magnetic accessories and AutoAlignPlus technology.

The case features raised edges to protect the phone’s screen, and it is made from an incredibly shock-absorbing material called BioShock. It’s also comfortable to hold and comes in three different finishes. It also has a built-in SIM ejector tool and space for two SIM cards.

Compared to other iPhone cases, the Mous Limitless 3.0 iPhone 12 case is surprisingly slim. Despite its slim design, it’s still made from impact-absorbing AiroShock technology. This means your phone is safe from drops and bumps while maintaining full functionality.

Designed for the latest iPhone models, Mous’ Limitless range also features iPhone 11 cases. The new line of iPhone cases boasts Airoshock technology to protect the phone from shocks, while the AutoAlignPlus mounting system provides magnetic connections to add-on accessories. The new line is available in walnut, bamboo, aramid fiber, and real black leather.

Ted Baker’s Moshi’s Vitros phone case

For the best protection of your iPhone, you should invest in a high-quality phone case. Fortunately, Ted Baker has created a line of phone cases with a variety of features. In addition to protecting your phone from scratches and dirt, these cases also come with a mirror inside. Unlike many other cases with mirrors, the one in the Moshi’s Vitros features a slim one-inch mirror with a gold frame and a logo by Ted Baker. This case is a sturdy one, with an electroplated housing shell that keeps your phone safe and sound.