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The Best Jackbox Party Pack


Whether you want to host a trivia night, a murder mystery party, or simply a night out on the town, the best jackbox party pack has the right games for your needs. With over fifty games available for your enjoyment, you’re sure to find the perfect game for your next event.

Blather Round

Whether you are looking for an exciting game to play with your friends or want to liven up your next party, the Jackbox Party Pack 7 has the right game for you. The pack includes four new party games and a classic, returning favorite. The Pack is available for PC, mobile phones, and tablets.

Blather Round is a word-based guessing game that emulates the frustration of memory loss. The game features a sassy announcer and a cryptic wheel of vague words. The presenter chooses a prompt, and the players must create a sentence describing it. The player who guesses the truth gets points for each correct answer.

You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream

YDKJ: Full Stream is a version of the classic Jackbox game that has been updated to allow streaming. The game is played by up to eight players, who use a computer or mobile device as the controllers. In addition, players can type answers to the questions on their devices. This may include questions that reference previous questions, post-game events, or a set theme.

You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream uses a fictional streaming service, called Binjpipe, to host the game. In addition to supporting multiple players, Binjpipe offers “Player’s Choice” questions and “Data Mining” questions.

Trivia Murder Party

Apparently, the Jackbox team is developing a new trivia game. They’ve also adapted one of their existing games, You Don’t Know Jack, for streamers. The game can be played by anywhere from one to four players, and is available on any platform.

The team also announced The Jackbox Party Starter, which is a collection of three of their most popular games. One of the games, The Wheel of Enormous Proportions, can be played by as many as eight players and requires some serious thinking. It’s got a dozen different round types, and the old-fashioned wheel will spout the winning answer to your burning question.

You Don’t Know Jack: Quiplash 2

Whether you’re in the market for a new party game or you’re simply looking for something fun to play with friends, You Don’t Know Jack: Quiplash 2 is a good choice. This game comes in a party pack that includes five new games for up to eight players. The games include Lie Swatter, Fibbage XL, Vidiots, Split the Room, and People Dome. Each game is fun and engaging.

Quiplash is a same-room multiplayer game where players compete against the audience. There are no rules and no right answers. The answers are hilarious.

Tee K.O.

During the holidays, you and your friends have the chance to spend quality time together. Rather than sitting at home watching TV, you can get together and play some games with your friends. One of the best games you can play with your friends is Tee K.O. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 has this fun game included in the bundle.

The game is played in a gauntlet style where players try to defuse a bomb in a certain amount of time. Players compete with each other in head-to-head matches. In addition to the usual gauntlet style match, Tee K.O. has additional settings, which include auto-submit, additional options for generating QR codes, and the option to print slogans.

You Don’t Know Jack: Mad Verse City

Earlier this year, Jackbox Games released a party pack of games around the season of pumpkin spice. This pack includes five group-oriented games. These games range from arcade action games to classic trivia. The Jackbox Party Pack 5 includes You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream, Mad Verse City, and Patently Stupid Game.

You Don’t Know Jack: Full stream is a game of multiple-choice trivia questions. The game is for up to eight players and uses mobile devices as controllers. Unlike previous versions of You Don’t Know Jack, Full Stream has more sabotage options, and recommends phony shows from Binjpipe. It also has a new twist: you can screw fellow players. This is accomplished by using in-game money to bid on images. Then, the player who wins the bid gets the image and pays the artist.

You Don’t Know Jack: Fibbage Enough About You

Originally a gamebook series and TV show, You Don’t Know Jack has been adapted into several games. These include an online version, a tabletop game, and a handheld version.

In You Don’t Know Jack, players compete to answer questions first to earn virtual money. Each wrong answer costs the player money, which is deducted from his or her score. If the player can’t answer the question, the host reveals the correct answer.

In Fibbage, players use their phones or tablet to play a trivia game. Each question is multiple choice. Incorrect answers are punishable by a series of wisecracks from the host.