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The Best NES Games You’ve Never Played


Whether you’re a gamer or a non-gamer, there are some fantastic NES games that you can enjoy. In fact, you might not even know some of these games! I’m going to take a look at some of the most popular NES games in this article. I’ll cover Castlevania, Adventure Island, Super Mario Bros., and Ninja Gaiden.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Among the many great games in the NES library, Super Mario Bros. 3 stands out as one of the best. It introduced a wide variety of new features. This includes an aural world, a new level design, and a re-introduction of old Mario powers.

It is the most impressive Mario game in the history of the series, and it is one of the best games of all time. It also introduces a world map and allows players to skip any part of the game, including entire levels in each world.


Among the many NES games to come out in the past thirty years, Castlevania ranks among the best of them all. It has been a storied series of games, which have featured some of the best action-adventure and horror gaming experiences in recent history.

Castlevania has been featured in many other games, including the popular Netflix animated series. The series began with a game that took place in the Castle of Vampires, where Simon Belmont, the heir to the Belmont family, battles numerous bosses. The game features a lot of hidden collectibles, a great soundtrack, and a multi-directional stage design.

Ninja Gaiden

Despite its reputation as a hard beat ’em up, Ninja Gaiden has become one of the most influential games of all time. Aside from being a great side-scrolling platformer, it is also one of the most cinematic games of all time.

The story of Ninja Gaiden is told in a cinematic style, making it a precursor to today’s FMV. The game’s plot involves Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja who seeks revenge for the death of his father. He finds a letter from an archeologist in America, which leads him to a sinister plot.

Bubble Bobble

Amongst the many great NES games, Bubble Bobble is one of the best. Its simple platform gameplay and fun mechanics make it a popular title.

Bubble Bobble is a fun and challenging game, and can be played solo or with a friend. Players have to jump on bubbles, blow them, and trap enemies. They can also collect items.

Bubble Bobble is a fun game with great mechanics, but it can be unfair at times. For example, later levels seem designed to drain your coins quickly.

In the early levels, it is fairly easy to reach the top. But later on, it becomes important to use bubbles as temporary platforms. If you are too slow to burst bubbles, they will rise out of reach.

StarTropics 2

Despite its age, StarTropics 2 is a solid NES game that continues the traditions of the original. There’s a fair amount of action to be had, as well as puzzles to be solved. This game is still worth picking up for any fan’s library, even if it’s not the greatest NES game of all time.

The game has a very simple storyline, as Mike Jones travels through time to rescue several children from a villainous alien. One of the children tells Mike that Zoda is still alive. This is a cliched plot, but the game has a very clever time travel mechanism.

Adventure Island

Developed by Hudson Soft, Adventure Island is a port of the Wonder Boy arcade game. The game is set on a tropical island in the South Pacific. In this game, the player is on an adventure to rescue Princess Tina.

The game is quite similar to the Wonder Boy game, except for the new protagonist. Master Higgins is a beach bum who’s the main character. The game is very similar to the original but has improved graphics and sound.

The game has four stages in each of the eight worlds. Each stage has a time bar that you can use to run around the island, collect fruit and defeat enemies. There are also giant eggs in the worlds that reveal items and power-ups. These items will restore the time bar and increase your overall health.

Battle of Olympus

Whether you’re a fan of ancient Greek mythology or just love action-RPG games, The Battle of Olympus is one of the best NES games you can buy. It’s a game with colorful graphics, Greek music, and a light role-playing element.

Battle of Olympus combines side-scrolling action with Greek mythology. In the game, you play as legendary musician Orpheus. Orpheus is on a quest to save his girlfriend Helene from the evil god Hades. Hades has abducted Helene and enlisted the help of other powerful gods. You have to travel through eight lands of Olympus to find and rescue Helene.