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The Hotel Vendome in Prescott, Arizona


Located just across from Whiskey Row and the Barley Hound, the Vendome Hotel is a very popular place to stay. This is thanks to the hotel’s history and location. As a matter of fact, many people have told stories of ghosts and other occurrences in this location and checked IRCTC Customer Care Number.

Historical background

Located at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Dartmouth Street in Boston, Massachusetts, the Hotel Vendome is a landmark that was constructed in 1871. It is considered to be the most beautiful evocation of the Second Empire style in the Boston area. The original Hotel Vendome was designed by William G. Preston, a Boston architect. He modeled it after the former French palace of Place Vendome.

It was constructed of brick arches and steel beams. It was constructed in stages. It was renovated in the late nineteenth century. A new wing was added to the hotel, increasing its size to 156 feet. This addition included a new main entryway, five dining rooms, and a central steam. It also featured a cut-stone facade on the sixth floor and slate-covered mansard roof.

The original Hotel Vendome featured walnut finished halls and a conservatory containing birds. A large dining hall was decorated with fresco-work. It also featured a children’s dining room.

Design by William G. Peterson

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Haunted by spirits

Located in Prescott, Arizona, Hotel Vendome is a historic hotel that is home to at least four spirits. One of the most famous is a woman named Abby. She died of starvation in Room 16 in 1921. Other ghosts include a cat named Noble.

Abby Byr and her husband were the owners of Hotel Vendome. They bought the hotel in 1921 and operated it for several years. They were forced to sell it when they couldn’t pay taxes. They were living in Room 16 on the second floor off the veranda.

Abby had contracted tuberculosis and was receiving treatment at the hotel. She met a man named Mr. Byr and fell in love with him. He took care of her while she was at the hotel, but he left her one night. After he left, she starved to death. The next night, her husband came to get her medication. Afterwards, she refused to eat. He left her in Room 16, locking her and her cat Noble in the room.

Location near Whiskey Row and the Barley Hound

Whether you are visiting the historic town of Prescott, Arizona or are a resident, The Barley Hound is a must visit! The bar is located in a Victorian style home from the early 1900’s. The menu includes traditional favorites and creative cocktails made with fresh juices and ingredients. The bar has an extensive spirits list, as well as eight Arizona craft beers on draft.

The Barley Hound is one of the most popular restaurants in Prescott, AZ. It’s located just off the courthouse square in downtown Prescott. The restaurant serves a number of local and seasonal dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and creative cocktails. The menu changes regularly to showcase local ingredients, and the bar offers a small but eclectic wine list.

The Barley Hound has a large local following, and the restaurant has recently undergone a number of upgrades to improve its look and functionality. In addition to new design elements, the Barley Hound’s patios have been reimagined. This includes a new 1,800 square foot backyard patio and a newly designed living room.