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The Most Famous Pizza in Rome


Gino Sorbillo’s Pizzeria provides inventive pizza in Rome. Their menu changes daily to give their patrons something new and delicious to try. Check out the Best info about beautiful hotels in Casablanca.

Their pizza is handcrafted using organic flours combined with a living sourdough starter. You’ll find classic toppings like buffalo mozzarella and battering tomatoes here too!

Gino Sorbillo’s Pizzeria

Gino Sorbillo’s Pizzeria provides an unforgettable pizza experience in Rome. This trendy restaurant features a wood-burning oven, offers over 35 creative and traditional pizza options, and delicious Italian appetizers and wines.

Attractively located in Trastevere, this eatery is a favorite among locals. Serving deliciously light yet chewy pizza with perfectly paired toppings and delectable sauces – you won’t leave here disappointed.

Although their pizzas aren’t cheap, they are worth their premium prices. Service is quick and friendly. Gluten-free options make this an excellent choice for anyone navigating their diet. Furthermore, owners are committed to providing customers with high-quality meals, which explains why the restaurant remains always busy. Furthermore, they support various social causes, which you can learn more about by visiting their website.

Pizza al taglio

This restaurant is located near the Vatican Museum in Prati and specializes in traditional Roman-style pizza. Their pizza dough is prepared using organic stone ground flour, sourdough starter, and long leavening – providing an intense depth of flavor. They also use seasonal IGP products and unique toppings, such as rabbit meat with raisins or fennel greens, to round out their offerings.

There is also a selection of appetizers, bruschetta, pasta dishes, and grilled meat to be found here. Their special pizza al taglio pie, sold by weight, features classic Roman ingredients while providing ample space for cheese, vegetables, or cured meat toppings to be added on top.

An Italian classic, pizza bianca is one of the most beloved foods, distinguished by its distinctive texture that sets it apart from a regular pizza. Its ease of creation without needing an oven makes it ideal for snacking at home with family and friends! Enjoy its flavorful dough and selection of colorful toppings to complete the experience.

Pizza Pizza

Pinsa is an exquisite Roman pizza known for being thin, round, and often filled with cured meats and mozzarella cheese – and can be enjoyed either by the slice or as more giant oblong pies sold by weight. A popular snack mentioned in Aeneid as Aeneas’ first bite upon his arrival near Rome!

Pinsa is reviving in America, particularly among restaurants with solid Italian themes. It stands out from other flatbreads with its distinct characteristics that set it apart, including its cloud-like crust. Furthermore, it’s healthier than most pizza thanks to high hydration levels in its dough and an extended fermentation process of up to 72 hours – both qualities make Pinsa a healthy and delicious dish!

This allows the dough to absorb and digest flavors easily – ideal for health-conscious diners. Furthermore, its robust nature enables chefs to experiment with toppings like pumpkin, porchetta, and persimmon for unique topping combinations.

Traditional Roman pizza

Traditional Roman pizza differs considerably from its Neapolitan counterpart: thin and crisp with a distinct smoky taste, it typically uses spelled flour instead of wheat for its dough. It features sesame and honey flavors for additional aroma. One person typically eats their whole Roman pizza meal.

Berbere offers modern interpretations of Roman pizza in the Parioli neighborhood. Owner Luca Issa takes great pleasure in keeping old traditions alive while exploring new combinations and toppings. His attention to detail, use of premium quality ingredients, and 48-hour leavening processes result in delectable artisan pizzas!

Nowhere does pizza better than Rome – from street corners to some of the finest restaurants. The pizza here is a takeaway staple served either by the slice or whole pie, often created by creative geniuses with flour on their cheeks. One famous slice is Margherita: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil combine into a straightforward pie.

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