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The Top 10 Best Seller Lists For Amazon Books


One of the best ways to learn about a specific topic is to look at the best-seller lists. Not only will you get a good idea of what people are interested in, but you can also use this information to improve your marketing efforts. In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 10 best-seller lists for best books to sell on amazon and share some insights you can glean from them. From bestselling author niche to popular book genres, read on to learn everything you need.

What are the Top 10 Best Seller Lists for Amazon Books?

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking to sell books on Amazon. One of the most important is to look at the best seller lists for your genre or topic. These lists show the highest-selling books in a particular category and can provide valuable insight into readers’ interests.


Here are 10 of the bestseller lists for Amazon books:

1) The New York Times Best Sellers list features books that have topped NYT’s list for any given week. This list is updated hourly, so it’s always current.

2) The Wall Street Journal Best Seller list is similar to The New York Times Best Sellers list but focuses only on American books.

3) The IndieBound Top 100 chart ranks indie authors according to sales volume. This chart is updated weekly and can be helpful if you’re looking to get onto an indie author’s radar.

4) Barnes & Noble NOOK Books Best Sellers displays the top 10 bestselling e-books on NOOK Books on Amazon.com

5) UK booksellers publish their charts, which you can find at BookFinder.co.uk. This website allows you to compare sales data from online retailers worldwide, making it an excellent resource for global ebook sales figures.

6) Goodreads Choice Awards showcases the top 20 books on Goodreads based on votes from readers around the world

How to Achieve a #1 Ranking on an Amazon Book List

You can do a few things to guarantee your book will be among the top-selling items on Amazon. Follow these three tips, and you’ll reach a top spot on the Kindle Store’s best-seller list.


1) Create a Captivating Cover


The cover of your book is one of the first things customers see. Make sure it’s eye-catching and excitingly showcases your title. Use good photography and choose a font that stands out.


2) Publish Early


If you have time, wait until your book is polished before submitting it to Amazon. However, if you want to maximize your chances of getting published quickly, consider self-publishing. This option lets you take more control over the publication process but also costs more money upfront.


3) Price Your Book Correctly


Don’t price your book too low or too high – find the right price point to make it attractive to buyers while still making some profit. The ideal price range is around $9-$14 per copy. Anything higher than that and you may struggle to make a profit, while anything lower and buyers may discount your book in reaction.

The Different Types of Books That Sell Well on Amazon

One of the most critical factors that affect how well a book will sell on Amazon in its category. For example, if you have a self-help book listed in the “Books” category, it’s likely to do better than if you list it in the “Cookbooks” or “Animal Care” categories. Additionally, certain words and phrases commonly associated with specific genres can help boost a book’s sales. For example, if you have a romance novel in the “Romance” genre, it’s likely to do better than if you list it under another genre, such as “Mystery.”


Finally, author rankings can also be helpful when selling books on Amazon. The higher an author’s order, the more likely people will buy their books. This is because Amazon looks at past sales data to determine which authors are selling well and recommends those authors to buyers.

What Factors Affect a Book’s Chance of Becoming a Best Seller on Amazon?

Many factors affect a book’s chance of becoming an Amazon best-selling. In this article, we’ll discuss the most important ones.


  1. The popularity of the book


One of the most critical factors determining a book’s chance of becoming Amazon’s best-selling is its popularity. If the book is popular among Amazon shoppers, it has a better chance of ranking high on the best-seller lists and selling more copies. However, popularity isn’t always determinant – some less popular books can still become top sellers if they have strong marketing campaigns behind them.


  1. The author’s profile and reputation


Another critical factor in success on Amazon is an author’s profile and reputation. The higher an author’s credibility and shape, the more likely their books will sell well. Furthermore, bestselling authors often have huge followings on social media, which can help promote their books to potential buyers. Conversely, poorly-rated or unknown authors may not be able to attract as much attention from potential buyers, which can lead to lower sales rates for their books on Amazon.


  1. Competition from other titles from the same genre or category


Another factor affecting a book’s chances of becoming a best seller is how well it competes against other titles in the same category or genre. If there are many similar titles available for purchase, customers may be less likely to choose one of those options over another option with

The Secrets to Selling More Books on Amazon

When you’re ready to start selling more books on Amazon, here are some secrets to success:


  1. Create an Amazon Author Page: The first and perhaps most important step is creating an Amazon author page. This gives you your dedicated web page to promote your books, gather information about your readers, and connect with other authors. It’s free to create an author page and a great way to start building your book empire.


  1. Sell eBooks: eBook sales are the future of publishing, and there’s no question that Amazon has taken advantage of this trend. Nearly 60% of all books sold on Amazon are eBooks, so you must sell them if you want to impact your book sales significantly. You can sell eBooks through Amazon’s Kindle Store or its main website.


  1. Promote Your Books: One of the best ways to increase sales is by promoting your books online and through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use these platforms to share news about new releases, give away free book copies, and engage with your readers.


  1. Build a Loyal Readership: One of the critical factors in whether a book will succeed on Amazon is its customer base. If potential buyers don’t have enough information about the product before purchasing it, they will likely abandon the ship prematurely. Make sure you provide plenty of informational content about your books (


As a bookseller, it is essential to know what the bestseller lists are for best books to sell on amazon. This information can help you to determine which books to stock and promote, helping you to generate more sales for your store. In this article, we have outlined the top 10 Amazon book lists as of January 2019. Remember these lists next time you are stocking up on new titles!

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