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The Vida Lifestyle


Pura Vida (pronounced Poor-rah Vee-da) is Costa Rican life – a relaxed yet simple lifestyle emphasizing happiness while taking advantage of nature’s wonders.

Members can earn and redeem Vacation Certificates (Vida Dollars) for cruises, hotels, resorts, tours, or merchandise purchases; they can even gift these Vida Dollars to their family and friends!

The Vida Life

The Vida lifestyle may not be for everyone. It requires patience and an adaptable mindset that is not easily offended or struggles with slower living conditions. Here time moves more leisurely; “manana” could mean tomorrow or even never!

Costa Rica’s pura vida lifestyle can be one of the best experiences they have ever had, yet due to high living costs, many who come here leave after only a few years due to high living expenses. By contrast, employees in Phoenix give The Vida Life top marks for onboarding services and managing help navigating company culture.

Vida Lifestyle Travel

Costa Rica’s slogan of “pura vida” (meaning simple life) is more than just an empty slogan; it is an entire lifestyle that encourages its inhabitants to take it easy and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Pura Vida can provide the ideal escape from everyday stressors while relaxing in beautiful surroundings; however, pura vida may not suit everyone – if your lifestyle cannot adjust accordingly, living there could prove challenging.

Vidanta Vacations, a timeshare company offering luxury resort and cruise vacations, has long been known for offering free stays at their resorts, hotel credits, and several rounds of complimentary drinks during presentations. Unfortunately, according to complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, these promises often fail.

The Complainant attended a VL Sales Presentation in ********* and signed a contract for a Membership offering 10 Resort Weeks over ten years, which can be reserved by contacting VL Reservation Department; in addition, 2 Premium Weeks can only be dedicated during peak seasons; it also comes with $600 Vacation Cash that can be redeemed online via VL website; no blackout dates exist for these Resort Weeks were mentioned during his presentation.

After making his purchase, the Complainant reached out to VL Customer Service several times and was advised to request availability for Resort Weeks from VL Reservation Department; these weeks are dependent upon their availability; it may not always be possible in peak seasons, and therefore these weeks might not be available at all. He reported being charged a $300 Call Center Fee when making calls to reserve his vacations.

The agent stated that if the Complainant wanted to discuss this further, a Member Services Representative could assist him. But after not being satisfied with this response and wanting to speak with a supervisor instead, they informed him they would be happy to address his concerns as soon as possible.

Vida Lifestyle Yarns

Vida Lifestyle was established by a New Yorker in 2016 who believes in “living colorfully and enjoying dessert for breakfast!” Their yarns are hand-dyed locally using professional acid dyes on non-mulesing fibers. They are washed in Eucalan, making them available online and at trunk/tour shows and The Vendor Loft in Richmond Valley, NC.

Yarns from this manufacturer may contain affiliate links to support our work at The Yarn Database without impacting the purchase price. Please read through our full disclosure policy for more details.

Vida Lifestyle Ice Cream

If flying to Costa Rica isn’t your budget, try visiting Dulce Vida Ice Cream instead! The local chain offering Mexican snacks and confections opened its second location this month in Short North – welcoming international students from Ohio State and neighborhood residents.

Dulce Vida (“sweet life”) offers more flavors than you can shake a maraca at, with fast and friendly service to match. Enjoy tasty treats like walking tacos or hot dogs and refreshing smoothies or cool beverages for breakfast, lunch, or snacks throughout the day.

Chris Wynston and his artisans use many local ingredients, from High Mountain Honey to Copa Vida coffee and Girl Scout cookies. Additionally, they’ve introduced over one hundred new flavors since opening last year.

The shop features seven “always” flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, with two dairy-free options and seasonal offerings such as mango and tequila almond. A scoop costs $4 while pints cost $10; sundaes are $12 each, and the Short North location is open Monday through Thursday from 12 PM to 11 PM and Friday & Saturday from 12 PM – 10 PM; hours may change during summer depending on foot traffic patterns.