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Touchless Car Wash Ann Arbor


Washing your car can be an enjoyable weekend task. But it doesn’t need to be done every weekend; there are various touchless car washes and arbors that offer alternative cleaning solutions.

Lighthouse Car Wash in Ann Arbor is highly-regarded and recommended. Customers regularly rave about its exceptional services and competitive prices, while its owners actively give back to the community.

Lighthouse Car Wash

Lighthouse Car Wash in Ann Arbor is an excellent place to get a professional, fast car wash at a reasonable cost. Their self-serve options and early/late hours make them a perfect choice for busy drivers on a tight budget. Their service is quick, affordable and budget-friendly!

Customers love Lighthouse Car Wash’s high-quality wash and friendly staff, as well as its variety of options and great sales on multiple washes. Many have become loyal customers, praising its consistent, high-quality wash experience and excellent customer service.

If you know someone who loves cars, give them the Lighthouse Car Wash gift card as a thoughtful present! They can use the gift card whenever needed to keep their ride looking pristine!

Lighthouse Car Wash membership packages make an excellent way to show your loved ones just how much you care and will also save them money in the long run. Choose from their wide range of membership packages or customize one specifically for them!

Lighthouse Car Wash offers more than just an auto wash: they also provide full-service detail shop solutions to ensure your vehicle looks its best. Their experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment ensure you receive only the highest-quality results, including interior cleaning and exterior detailing services, as well as complete paint repairs and bodywork services from certified technicians who will do everything in their power to restore the car to showroom condition.

Community Auto Wash

Community Auto Wash in Ann Arbor stands out as one of the last full-service, self-serve car washes with high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service, featuring full car detailing for interior and exterior vehicles. Their staff has years of experience helping your vehicle look new; additionally, they offer a complimentary vacuum with flat extension and crevice tool so that hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned more easily.

Industrial Car Wash has quickly become one of the go-to car washes among locals due to its efficient, fair-priced, gentle car cleaning services, which leave cars spotless while smelling wonderful – making it the ideal alternative to costly tunnel car washes. They even offer senior deals and donate part of their proceeds to charity!

Customers love that they can take their time in relaxing waiting areas while their car gets cleaned, using air-pressured vacuums if necessary to clean out the interior of their vehicle. In addition, customers receive free wipes down with premium chemicals, helping maintain an attractive appearance of their car.

At this location, our Unlimited Wash Club program is offered to all customers as a monthly subscription that renews automatically until canceled via the app. Suppose you intend to use this unlimited wash program on multiple vehicles simultaneously. In that case, Community Auto Wash must be informed at least five days in advance to avoid confusion and ensure your membership remains valid.

Liberty Car Wash

Liberty Car Wash on West Liberty Street near Ann Arbor closed after nearly two decades in business on Wednesday due to declining sales and aging equipment, according to owner Charlie Foster. Foster also mentioned losing value from Eaton Corp moving across the street and Alex de Parry developing into condo units nearby – so customers who showed up on its final day received free washes!