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Using Endnotes to Cite Your Sources


Using endnotes is one of the easiest ways to cite your sources in a document. This is because endnotes are already integrated into Microsoft Word and can easily be inserted into your documents. Endnotes also allow you to search university library resources directly from EndNote. You can also create a library to store all of your endnotes and citations in one place. You can also use EndNote to combine multiple Word documents with citations. This will help you save time and make it easier to create a citation for a given document.

Create an endnote library

Creating an EndNote library can be done by using the EndNote Desktop software. You can open EndNote by either logging into an EndNote Online account, or downloading the software from Brown’s software catalog.

When you open EndNote, it will automatically search for full-text articles. You can also import references from databases. Importing references is the most efficient way to add references to your library. However, you can manually add references to your library as well.

Creating an EndNote library will allow you to easily view all of your references. You can also sort references by column headers. You can also search for references by clicking the Quick Search box. Lastly, you can attach files to your references.

Insert citations into documents

Using the referencing system in Word can make your workload easier. The system will create a bibliography at the end of your document. You can also add in-text citations to your document. This is an important step in crediting the original author.

The referencing system in Word is very simple. Essentially, you can add a reference to your document by locating the reference in the list and then adding a citation. However, Word is not as powerful as some other referencing systems.

Word’s referencing system can be found under the References tab in the ribbon. Once you locate the source, click on the Cite icon. This will open a pop-up menu. Select the style that you want to use for your citation. Then, enter any relevant information. You can also add a page number if you want.

Combine multiple Word documents with citations

Using Microsoft Word to combine multiple documents with citations can be a time saver. However, you might not be able to display all of the content in the document, or you may not be able to display advanced formatting.

The best way to combine multiple Word documents is to merge the text from several files into one or convert your file into a PDF format. You can also combine documents from different folders. You can do this by copying the content from one file and pasting it into the other.

Merging documents in the same Word format can save you time by preserving formatting and images. However, it may be more difficult to combine multiple Word documents that contain EndNote references.

Delete an endnote

Delete an endnote is a simple and efficient way to remove references from a Word document. It is an excellent way to free up valuable space in your document. Endnotes are created in a separate frame and appear at the end of the document. You can also move and reorder the endnotes within the document. The Endnotes pane appears after you double-click an endnote.

Endnotes can be added to your document manually or using an EndNote library. EndNote library files are accompanied by an ENL data extension file. If you delete an EndNote library, you should also delete the ENL data extension file.

Endnotes are automatically numbered based on the position in the body text. If you wish to change the numbering, you can do so by opening the Document Endnote Options dialog box. Changing the numbering will affect the attributes of the reference number. You can also delete the reference number using the backspace key.

Search university library resources directly from EndNote

UB students and faculty can use EndNote to search university library resources directly from EndNote. EndNote allows users to manage their bibliographic references, incorporate references into word-processing documents, and search online resources.

EndNote is a software package that can be used on personal computers to store references. EndNote can import references from other reference management systems such as Zotero and Mendeley. It can also import references from databases, including PubMed and Ovid. It can also search and save items from the library catalog. It can export references to a text file.

EndNote’s Online Search feature allows users to search for references by highlighting references on their documents, clicking the Online Search icon, and typing in search elements. However, this should be used only to find known references. If you want to search for a new topic, start your search in a database that is specific to the topic.