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Van Dam Boats for Sale


Alpha Z may recall classic Gold Cup racers with its curving mahogany lines, yet her modern performance makes her unlike anything seen before. From her deep V hull design and custom drivetrain fabrication, everything about this vessel was handcrafted. Find the best Van Dam Nordia.

Van Dam custom boats require years to construct, so the company typically maintains a three-year pipeline for production.

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Van Dam’s custom yacht builds are different than those found at traditional showrooms; each owner receives their very own vessel explicitly designed to reflect their personality. Client ideas may have originated on envelopes or bar napkins and come to fruition as vessels designed from the ground up and infusing passion into every design element.

Van Dam Woodworking stands out from its competition not only by offering precise woodworking services but also by taking care of everything on-site, from electrical rigging to interior cabinetry. Their team uses various materials, including aluminum and stainless steel, while for some components, they utilize Classic Instruments from Boyne City, who specialize in speedometers and fuel gauges for hot rods and classic cars.

Boyne City crew members work five 10-hour days each week in an airy building that smells of freshly cut wood and buzzes with machines, perfecting every detail – both visible and unseen – of each sailboat they build from Honduran mahogany plank used for the hull that’s book-matched with matching grain patterns on both sides, to making sure wiring remains organized within each wire bundle used to power them. No corners have been cut in this dedication to excellence!

Careful craftsmanship results in an exquisite boat. On Italmas, a 32-foot Stephens Waring cruising sloop designed for Great Lakes cruising design, the meticulous attention to detail can be seen throughout her sleek form and graceful lines, exuding distinction and grace. It is complemented by refined joinery that includes subtle tumblehomes and elliptical transom design features.


Van Dam Custom Boats is a small company with an enormous mission. “Our purpose is to elevate craftsmanship,” according to company president Ben Van Dam – one of four generations in his family working at their Boyne City, Michigan workshop. Their boats are well known for both their beauty and strength – as well as being functional on the water.

Steve Van Dam founded Harbor Springs Boatworks in 1977 after sailing wooden boats on Lake Macatawa as a child, and today, he creates both traditional and powerboats in his main workshop, an airy building filled with freshly cut wood smell that vibrates with purposeful activity.

Interior workers employ cold molding – laminating thin strips of wood together with room-temperature epoxy to form the hull – which creates a more robust and more durable boat than those held together by metal fasteners, thus less prone to leaks and rot.

The Nordia 35 Star yacht exemplifies both luxury and functionality. Its curving mahogany lines are enhanced by warm colors that help create an ambiance of serenity, while modern features such as bow thrusters, propeller tunnels, and an effort-free suite of sails reduce sail handling efforts.


Van Dam Custom Boats was established in 1977 and is internationally renowned for its stunning wooden boats. While still using traditional craftsmanship methods, they have taken to modern technology when applicable in order to improve the final product’s quality – using advanced 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software and CNC machining technologies to produce visualizations and full-size mylar patterns.

Van Dam’s artisans are all masters at their trade, passionate about crafting boats of every shape or size imaginable to perfection. Van Dam stands out in this regard; their unfailing attention to detail sets their work apart. At their small shop in Boyne City near Lake Charlevoix on its southern tip, wood smells fresh like freshly cut lumber while crew members spend five 10-hour days laboring away at making exquisite vessels.

Dreamboat, Van Dam’s 39-foot keelboat model designed by DLBA Naval Architects and named after one of its latest models, showcases how seamlessly tradition meets technology. Designed by DLBA Naval Architects and featuring an innovative, forward-opening hatch operated with the flick of a switch, it is an indicator of Van Dam’s dedication to excellence as well as openness to innovation and new ideas. Additionally, its attention to detail – specifically an intricate custom windshield made out of compound wood curves that were handcrafted – makes the design truly outstanding.


Van Dam is driven by values and principles that redefine craftsmanship. Their process begins with an interactive design phase in which buyers become integral players in creating their dream boat’s development – this makes a unique piece painstakingly built down to each detail.

Established by Steve and Jean Van Dam in Harbor Springs, Michigan, in 1977 with the purpose of producing some of the highest-quality custom wooden power and sailboats available worldwide, these creations resemble works of art while providing functional pleasure vessels. Today, the business covers an expansive campus near Boyne City, including workshops, showrooms, boat storage areas, service operations, and brokerage departments run by current President Ben Van Dam. His unalterable ethos continues to lead his team forward today.

The Van Dams have always prioritized traditional methods and materials while taking steps to integrate cutting-edge technologies whenever they make sense. Their firm utilizes advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce visualizations of full-size mylar patterns for full-scale use; high-speed CNC machining allows them to fabricate parts necessary for control systems on vessels they build, all while adhering to traditionalism in their approach.

The crew takes great pride in every part of their work, both visible and unseen. From internal wiring tidiness to book matching of Honduran mahogany used for skins of their boats, ensuring its grain pattern can be seen from both sides–the company employees are conscientious about quality.

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