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Wall Street Pizza in Gresham


Wall Street Pizza in Gresham uses quality ingredients and an exclusive cooking process to give their pizzas their signature taste. Their staff makes sure all pizzas reach customers safely.

Pizza has become the symbol of revolution, as its influence can be felt throughout society. The Wall Street Journal explores its origins.

Authentic New York Style Pizza

Pizza is one of the most versatile foods available today, as it can be customized with virtually any combination of ingredients to make a genuinely tailor-made meal. Furthermore, pizza comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from deep dish pizza, famous in Chicago, to thin New York-style slices sold by the slice.

New York-style pizza can be identified by its large, hand-tossed, thin crust that is covered with a light layer of sauce and grated mozzarella cheese shredded into tiny shreds to reduce moisture absorption, helping keep its crisp texture. Before eating, it is usually folded in half before being put in gas ovens; some restaurants, such as Lee’s Tavern on Staten Island and the recently opened Nicoletta in East Village, continue using coal ovens.

In order to achieve optimal pizza results, only high-grade ingredients must be used during preparation. This includes using bread flour, which has higher protein levels than all-purpose flour and contributes to its crunchy, chewy texture. Furthermore, stretching will degas the dough, leading to degassing as it occurs.

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is a fresh milk cheese with an exceptionally mild and delicate taste, usually produced using curds from fresh milk that have been strung together and then formed into various shapes and sizes before being formed into individual balls of mozzarella cheese. To produce authentic mozzarella, all curds must first be placed together before being formed into shapes that resemble these qualities of its production process. Before the cheese is created, it can also be enhanced with herbs or spices to give it flavor. Historically, mozzarella was produced best in southern Italy near Naples from milk from water buffalos; due to its short shelf-life, it rarely left its local region. As cheese technology and refrigeration advanced, mozzarella became more widely available. There are two distinct kinds of fresh mozzarella: low moisture, which has less than 50% water content, and high humidity, which has over 52%. High-moisture mozzarella has been designed to fit our food distribution and transportation systems, while the latter represents actual fresh cheese without pasteurization.

Randy and Keith have maintained the restaurant theme by selecting only high-quality ingredients, such as non-pasteurized mozzarella. Dough is prepared using Caputo “00” flour with its fine grind for creating that crisp crust so characteristic of New York pizza, and cheese slices are cut fresh daily in-house before toppings consisting of premium meats, vegetables and cheeses are added as toppings.

Fresh Toppings

At this restaurant, pizzas are handcrafted using fresh ingredients and feature an array of toppings such as artichoke hearts, black olives, basil, green peppers, mushrooms, red onions, and spinach. Furthermore, this eatery provides a selection of salads and appetizers to complement their pizza offerings.

This location features an inviting dining area perfect for families and friends to get together, with friendly and attentive service from staff members and reasonable prices. In addition, they serve delicious beer – not to mention delightful garlic knots and pizza, which are top choices among customers!

Pizza at Big Slice is always fresh and delicious; it is well worth every penny spent! One improvement could be more parmesan cheese; this would add so much more flavor than most people realize – try it, and you may like it, too! Service here is excellent, and the food arrives quickly; I will definitely return; the grilled chicken is perfect, and the garlic bread tastes divine, too.