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Ways to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger


How do you charge your phone without a charger? Well, the anti-climactic answer is that you cannot. Anything that can confer a charge onto your phone is naturally a charger. But, of course, we are not really talking about that. What we mean are the ways to get a charge onto your phone when you don’t have your usual purpose-built charger to hand. And yes, there is a bit more to it than just borrowing someone else’s!

The modern professional needs to have access to communications and the internet at a moment’s notice. If there’s one thing about modern working life that affects most of us, it’s the importance of being reachable when on the go. Accordingly, you might well find yourself in the kind of situation where you need to find a way to charge your phone fast.

Luckily, a world populated by people with cell phones means that charging options are diverse and everywhere. When you get caught out, you will usually have a few good options.

A Future of Convenience

Moreover, however many options you have today, you are sure to have even more in the future. In fact, the whole energy economy is moving towards a larger proportion of power supplied by batteries. Specifically, it is the rechargeable battery as well as the smart battery management system and the lithium-ion cell.

The reason, in a large part, is the environmental question. Battery experts Pale Blue Earth, producers of USB C rechargeable D batteries and the like, say that the progression generally tends towards batteries that can hold more power and which run down more slowly. This lithium-ion cell provides the necessary energy, while the smart battery management system regulates its use.

Furthermore, this technology has made its way into every corner of modern life. Even the traditional AA batteries now have smart rechargeable equivalents, and there is everything from solar-powered battery devices and all the rechargeable battery types that cover most types of batteries that you would ever use. Make no mistake, finding yourself out of power could soon become a thing of the past.

Ways to Charge Your Phone

But we’re not there yet and, as amazingly powerful as smartphones are, they still tend to run out – and pretty quickly at that. Here’s what to do then when you need your phone, and the display is showing 1%:

Make use of a USB

It’s in the name – universal serial bus. The USB port was specifically designed to be almost universal, and so today you’ll find USB charging stations in places like airports and stations. If you don’t have the plug but a USB cable, you can also plug it right into your laptop.

Invest in a Battery Pack

You need to first ask yourself whether this would really be necessary but, for many people it certainly is. Most people are dissatisfied with the lifetime of smartphone batteries, which is why battery packs are so popular.

Use a Hand Crank

Yes really! Again, these are for those likely to find themselves in a real emergency without a phone, but you can bring a hand crank charger along with you when going somewhere that is not likely to have power outlets.

Find a Charging Station

This might be necessary if you don’t even have a cable and need to charge your phone. This is not an uncommon situation; in fact, you can find charging stations often in quite unusual places.

Ultimately, the power you’re carrying on your phone itself is always likely to fail you if you are going to be away from home for more than a day. Remember your charger – or improvise!

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