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What is a Protagonist?


A protagonist is the main character in a story, who makes the critical decisions that move the story forward. Protagonists usually face significant obstacles during their story, which propel them forward. This makes them an essential part of the plot. They are also important because they can make the reader care about the characters and what happens to them.


A protagonist is a fictional character in a novel or story whose fate is closely followed by the reader or audience. This person or character is often paired with an antagonist who creates obstacles, complications, and conflicts and shows the protagonist’s weaknesses. Examples of protagonists include Superman from DC Comics and Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games series. Antiheroes are also a typical kind of protagonist, but they lack conventional heroic qualities such as courage and morality.

The term protagonist was first used in Ancient Greek and meant “one who plays the first part.” While a protagonist is always the main character, there are also supporting protagonists and antagonists. A protagonist in a novel or movie is the one you root for, and a supporting protagonist is a person who is not the main character.


A protagonist is the main character in a story. They must have a solid motivation to accomplish something. In a Shakespearean play, a protagonist may be the hero or the antagonist. However, this does not mean that the protagonist has to be good. The protagonist can also have a fatal flaw.

Protagonists tend to be overprotective of their children. They may get involved in every aspect of the child’s life. This can lead to discontentment, particularly when the child reaches puberty. On the other hand, an antagonist is strict and consistently tries to change the child’s mind.

A protagonist should have a strong leadership style and take action. A good leader also cares about the people under him. The protagonist should have a great deal to lose if he fails to complete his mission. This builds suspense.

Character types

In fiction, the protagonist plays a significant role. For example, in first-person narratives, the protagonist is the one who narrates the story and tells the reader what they think. However, the protagonist may also be a secondary character. For example, Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness uses an anonymous narrator. While there are different types of protagonists, they all exhibit specific archetypal characteristics.

The main character can be flat or round or a dynamic character. The character can also have a negative arc. Readers expect a protagonist to be inconsistent in their role.