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What Is Your Father Meaning In Hindi?



There are many different synonyms for the word father. Some of these words include mother, baba, and dad. Each of these words has a different meaning. Some of these words are more formal than others. Choosing the right word to use depends on the situation and how you want to say it.

For example, if you are talking to your friend’s mother, you might use the word maatr. This is a more formal way to refer to her. You might also use maa-paa (Mata-Pita) if you are talking to your parents informally.

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This page contains information about the word How Old Is Your Father in the Hindi language, including its meaning and other related words. You can find more details on this page and other Hindi words by browsing through the links below.


Idioms make language more imaginative and expressive; they are used to convey meaning differently. Idioms can also help a speaker get their listener’s attention. They can be mighty and can give meaning in a very short time.

There are many idioms associated with your father’s name in hindi. The best way to remember them is to put them in context and think about the underlying meaning. Here are a few examples:

Maata pitaa, bhaiyya mata bhaiyya

– Mother and father are the most critical people in a person’s life. This is a ubiquitous expression.

Like father, like son

– The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This saying is prevalent in India.

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