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Who Still Uses Yahoo?


In particular, Yahoo’s survival in this technology-dominated environment is impressive, given how rapidly tech firms come and go. Now it is selling it’s core Internet business – NPR’s Laura Sydell asks who still uses Yahoo.

Jen DeMayo manages a community email list on Yahoo and intends to remain loyal. Additionally, she utilizes Yahoo News and its homepage for news.

It’s a great place to find information.

Yahoo offers one of the most extensive lists of results when searching the Internet, thanks to its robust search algorithm and an array of ways that help provide information about life around us. Plus, their home page boasts various ways to find out about ourselves!

Many people still rely on Yahoo due to their personal history. Jen DeMayo manages a listserv for parents in her area and credits Yahoo as “where we started.” She doesn’t blame its six CEOs who have led it over time for its continued relevance in her world.

Yahoo has long been known as an Internet dinosaur; nevertheless, despite this reputation, it continues to attract new users each month. Yet with multiple Yahoo sites currently up for sale and some being purchased privately by others, it remains uncertain how long this trend will continue. NPR’s Laura Sydell investigates why so many are still sticking with Yahoo and why some remain.

It’s a great place to chat.

Yahoo Chat is a widely used platform with millions of users worldwide, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust features like sending photos and videos and news and entertainment services.

Yahoo was an early pioneer on the Internet, yet over time its momentum faltered due to competition and missed two chances at acquiring Google before experiencing a devastating data breach.

As a result, Yahoo stock has fallen to an all-time low, and its future remains unclear; Verizon may acquire it, or it could go out of business altogether. Still, Yahoo remains popular; many still use Yahoo email and search services and as social login for multiple websites (Gigya estimates 21 percent use Yahoo as login), an impressive statistic given how once mighty Yahoo once was online.

It’s a great place to get news.

Yahoo News is an invaluable source of international and domestic news updates. Yahoo News offers multiple methods for finding relevant stories – such as mobile-friendly feeds displaying overlays that highlight relevant stories directly onto smartphone screens – making staying current easy.

The news feed also offers an easy-to-use feature that lets you share stories with friends and family. Furthermore, you can tailor it based on your interests and comment on articles or videos, adding your opinion or reacting to their reactions.

Gen Z is increasingly connected to the web, and Yahoo News on TikTok provides an excellent platform for reaching them. Combining partner footage with original reporting and humorous features such as user-generated posts to provide a wide array of content is critical to engaging them effectively.

It’s a great place to shop

Yahoo Shopping is an invaluable platform, offering a vast selection of products at unbeatable prices. However, the platform has fallen behind competitors like Shopify in terms of advanced e-commerce features and tools designed to assist small businesses in growing.

Research by BIA/Kelsey indicates that Yahoo’s e-commerce services are immensely popular with Hispanic consumers in the US. Furthermore, in addition to providing shopping capabilities, it also features an advanced search engine, making it easier for users to locate what they need online.

Yahoo still attracts millions of people daily despite recent security breaches and hacks, yet still retains millions as users. They most likely use Yahoo and other email accounts such as Gmail and Hotmail due to its surprisingly well-designed website and easy mail app for use across devices – not forgetting its calendar, notes, and other helpful features!