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Best All-Time Winter Movies to Watch This Year



Nothing can be more exciting than enjoying the warmth of your home wearing cozy sweaters, and holding a cup of your favorite hot frothy chocolate sitting at your warm couches. Especially when your cable TV has lined up a long list of all-time hits and everyone’s favorite classic movies for you to watch.

Winter is the most lovable season across every corner of the world and you can bring more fun to it by adding these elements. Regardless of the genre you usually prefer to watch any movie with a snowy backdrop would be a treat for you and everyone at home.

From the action-filled flick to the romantic comedy you cannot deny the delight you would experience during your winter holidays. However, if you want to enjoy HD movies for free you need to coordinate with your existing cable TV provider or to check out the amazing services of Spectrum. Dial Numero de Spectrum today and enjoy 200-above channels and an extensive list of on-demand movies.

We have brought a list of all-time winter favorite movies for you so that you can fully enjoy your winter holidays this year.

The Mountain Between Us (2017)

To get warm feelings even in the cruelly cold wilderness, this out-class movie is a must to watch. Featuring legendary stars like Kate Winslet and Idris Elba this movie has shot in the mountains covered with snow in Utah. The two stars got trapped over there because of a helicopter crash. The movie is all about their survival and the struggle they have faced.

The storyline of this movie apprehends every distinction of the hardship they encountered while surviving the blizzard. This classic movie would surely cherish you for including it on your watch list for the winter holidays.

Frozen (2013)

In the list of never tired of watching movies, frozen will always keep a place for all of us. It is the most beloved and famous singalong movie that has made it worth watching every winter holiday.

The snowy charm of the movie excites everyone whenever being watched. The movie is about two sisters who belong to a royal family, one with magical icy power and the other with a fearless soul. It revolves around a journey of the fearless one to bring the other one back home who has trapped her kingdom using her magical powers in everlasting winter.

Sound thrilling? It is. So don’t hold back your desire to watch this movie and “let it go” in the list of movies you are going to watch during the winter holidays.

Harry Potter (complete series)

Who doesn’t know about this masterpiece? It would be surely on the top of the “must watch and again & again watch” list of everyone. But wait! You must be living under a rock if you have never heard about this movie, are you?

Well, let us give you a brief introduction to the Harry Potter movie series. It is a novel-based movie featuring eight parts and J.K. Rowling is the creator of this unmatchable, never written, and out-of-the-world novel. The storyline of this movie features an orphan boy living with his aunt and aunt’s family, who has some magical powers.

This wizard boy goes to Hogwarts, a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The entire series of the movie has filmed in snowy or wintery villages, forests, and castles, mostly. We bet you and your loved ones will enjoy it thoroughly.

Happy Feet (2006)

Have you ever seen dancing and singing penguins? No? then watch this movie. It is a movie where you will see snow and dancing penguins that you never want to miss out on. So, cheer up your snowy evening with this winter-based musical comedy movie. The movie is about family, love, and friendship.

Apart from the fun side, the movie has also put a light on global warming or eco-conscious warnings, which is a good way to create awareness among children and adults. You and your family will have a wonderful experience by watching penguins tap-dancing and singing. Wouldn’t it be a great treat for winter?

Just Friends (2005)

Looking for a snow-kissed full of love drama movie? This one is for you. The movie is based on a one-sided love story between two high school students that turn out to be a two-sided love, later. Ryan Reynolds, who is playing the role of Chris Brander, falls in love with his bestie Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). As it was a one-sided love, therefore, ended soon over the rejection of Jamie when Chris confessed his love for her.

Consequently, he left the town because of the burden of shame. However, the storyline has an exciting twist when Chris returns to the town, becoming a successful executive after a decade, and meets his love Jamie again.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005)

The movie has a next-level entertainment experience with magical land, a witch queen, and wintery weather. All these elements have made it the best pick for the movie collection this winter. The story is about four siblings who enter the snowy land, accidentally which is under the curse of a villainous white witch.

They get into this land through a cupboard which was identified by one of the siblings while playing hide and seek.

The Day after Tomorrow (2004)

If you want to have a real-time experience of all the chief signs of climatical change including, a fire on the Amazon rainforest and melting of polar ice caps, this movie is for you. It is a science fiction released in 2004 featuring the environmental disaster.

The movie also illustrates the 2nd ice age and the blow of natural disasters, showcasing the momentousness of the environmental situation of planet earth. This movie is worth watching that you need to add to your watch list for this winter.


No matter how hard and disturbing has this year been for you, there is a chance for you to give it a gentle farewell. You deserve to enjoy your winter with fun activities, and what can be the better means for having fun than watching a snowed-in movie sitting at your warm couch and comfy home? Now enjoy your winter holidays with these enthralling movies to ward off year-long tiredness and to bring more happiness to your life