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BOI Mobile App Review


The BOI mobile app helps consumers to conduct their financial activities efficiently without having to visit a branch. It allows you to purchase and pay for new insurance policies and make payments on existing policies. The digital banking service also enables you to donate money to charities directly from your bank account. This app can also manage your account and transaction history on your mobile phone.


The BOI mobile app offers a variety of benefits to its customers. One of these is the convenience of having your account information at your fingertips. In addition to helping you stay current on your account balance, you can contact the company to request a replacement card. The app also lets you make and receive payments and transfers money to and from other people with an account with the company.

This official mobile app from the Bank of India allows you to access banking services on your smartphone anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is register for their mobile banking service, and you are all set to go. Once you register, you can view and email detailed bank statements and transfer money to and from any bank account. You can even receive customized offers on your phone.


BOI Mobile is an app designed to help users manage their financial transactions. It asks for many permissions from the user to keep his information private. However, this app also can read call logs and SMS. Although it seems legitimate, we need more details about its background activities.


The BOI Mobile app asks for a lot of permissions from its users. This is to ensure user privacy. It stores account details, logs out when the user closes the application, and can read SMS and call logs. However, there is no clear explanation of why this app needs to access these details.

Download rank

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Terms and conditions

If you’ve downloaded the Boi mobile application, you’ll notice that it asks for various permissions, but the app will always respect your privacy. The app will store your account details and log you out automatically when you close it. However, you need to know that the app can read your call and SMS logs.

Before using the app, you should always read the Terms and Conditions, as they contain legal information. A Terms & Conditions agreement aims to protect the app owner and the user. It also limits legal liabilities and manages expectations. While this sounds like an unnecessary legal burden, it has some valuable business benefits.