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Check Out the tesco Direct Home and Garden Range


If you’re looking to buy a dining set or some rattan garden furniture for your garden, check out the tesco direct home and garden range. Here are a few things to consider before you buy. First of all, Tesco Direct will no longer offer next-day delivery. Instead, your order will take from two to five days to arrive. You will also have to wait a little longer for replacements if you receive a faulty or damaged item. Also, remember that Tesco Direct only stocks certain online ranges in its stores.

Tesco direct dining set

This cozy garden set from Tesco comes with a glass-topped table, four adjustable chairs, and a parasol. This versatile set is a great price and will stay in style for years. The low-cost melamine dinnerware also makes it easy to clean and store.

Tesco direct rattan outdoor furniture set

A rattan outdoor furniture set can be a good investment for the garden. You can buy a set online from Tesco and deliver it straight to your door. The range includes four chairs, a table, and a parasol. This set is also available from Aldi, although they sell out within days.

The prices range from PS20 to PS700, with the pricier versions usually feature larger rattan sets, while the cheaper items feature more patterns and prints. Known for their weekly shop baskets, Aldi have a huge range of products to suit any budget, including garden furniture. Aldi’s Gardenline range boasts over 30 pieces, including a 2-in-one electric scarifier.

These chairs are very comfortable and can be a great place to set down reading material. You can choose from various colors and sizes to complement your garden. The set comes with two armchairs and a side table, which are easy to assemble.