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Find the Best Commercial Lawyers in Colorado Springs


No matter the size of your business or corporation, a business and commercial lawyer can assist with all legal needs. FindLaw offers an excellent selection of commercial lawyers in Colorado Springs to choose from.

Richard Gora is an attorney who has successfully defended numerous cases in both state and federal courts. His areas of expertise include business litigation, securities disputes, as well as employment discrimination claims.

Richard Gora

Richard Gora is a highly-rated commercial lawyer in Colorado Springs. He practices at Finn Dixon and Herling with 17 years of legal experience, representing clients in personal injury cases as well as many types of business litigation matters. A member of both the American Bar Association and Connecticut Bar Association, Mr. Gora has litigated cases involving intellectual property rights, fraudulence, employment law issues, acquisitions of businesses and more. Furthermore, Richard frequently speaks and lectures on commercial law topics while serving on the Bar Committee on Professional Ethics.

Steven Stark

Steven Stark has been practicing patent, trademark and copyright law since 1997. His focus lies in safeguarding clients’ intellectual property rights, upholding them against infringers and defending against misappropriation claims.

He is a certified patent attorney and has prosecuted over one hundred U.S. and foreign patent applications across numerous technologies, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical and business method inventions.

Stark is a licensed CPA in Florida and enjoys legal practice as well as writing and playing cello and guitar. He has performed with Oklahoma City bands The Empty Suits and The Lovely Sparrows, is currently working on a novel and poetry book while living in Colorado Springs with his wife Julie and two sons Benjamin and Noah.

Sue Dunbar

Sue Dunbar, a highly-rated commercial lawyer in Colorado Springs, has earned her clients’ trust by consistently providing high-quality legal services at reasonable costs. Her practice encompasses business law and she boasts extensive expertise across numerous areas.

Her clients range from the construction industry, insurance and real estate companies, government entities and small businesses to nonprofit organizations. She also represents individuals in these various fields.

She possesses extensive expertise in business and real estate litigation, having the capacity to take on even the most complex cases with ease. She excels at negotiation fair settlements for her clients and has a track record of successfully defending their rights in court; earning her recognition as a Super Lawyer twice (2012) and 2013 respectively. In addition, her practice encompasses consumer complaints as well.