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FXStreet Signals Review


In this FXStreet Signals review, we will focus on several important issues: its MetaTrader 4 trading platform, its multiple strategies, and the lack of security software. We will also take a closer look at its Free offer. We hope this review helps you decide if FXStreet Signals is right for you.

MetaTrader 4 trading platform

fxstreet signals is a signal service that offers automated trade signals. Its members can expect between two and twenty-five signals a month. The service has a free package and a premium package. The premium package includes 12 signals a month. However, the signals are not verified, and the company does not provide any strategic analysis.

It offers a mobile platform to its clients. This means they can access their trading account from anywhere and anytime. It also includes a free chat feature. It also has a feature that automates trading using Expert Advisors, proprietary programs that analyze quotes and execute trades automatically. These programs are free from the firm’s Code Base or for purchase from its Market. In addition, users can create custom alerts for price or trading conditions and receive alerts when they happen.

Multiple strategies

This FXStreet Signals review is not an endorsement of the service. We found the service to be lacking in several areas. First, it failed to provide any valid trading results. We would have liked to see results posted on the company’s FX Blue or Myfxbook pages. Second, we couldn’t find any clear explanation for the service’s strategies. FXStreet Signals claims to offer three different strategies but fails to explain them.

This company is not regulated. The CNMV, a Spanish financial watchdog, doesn’t recognize the company under this name. Moreover, other European regulators also plan to issue a press statement on the service. Many investors have complained about the delayed or inaccurate signals.

Lack of security software

FXStreet Signals is a rogue signal provider. It is not registered or licensed with any regulatory body. The Spanish financial watchdog, CNMV, has no record of a signal provider using this name. Meanwhile, other European regulators are preparing a press statement on the issue. Investors have complained about delayed or missing signals.

The signal provider doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee and lacks basic security software, including SSL Encryption and DDoS protection. This makes it easier for Hackers to hijack the transaction process and steal vital information. Therefore, the security clearance of a Signal provider is crucial for users’ safety.

Free offer

FxStreet signals free offer comes with a lot of information, tools, and news to help you with your trading. These tools will help you analyze price trends and make trades. They also include real-time charts to make your decisions easier. You can check out the free offer on the FxStreet website.

The free offer has a catch: the service doesn’t provide personalized investment advice. This means that the signals are not guaranteed to be accurate. In addition, FXStreet Signals is not registered or licensed by any regulatory body. It may claim to be based in Barcelona, but the providers could be online scam artists from anywhere in the world.


The FXStreet Signals website features basic signals information, helpful videos, and a pricing section. You can also try a few free signals. These are limited in number and have a 15-minute data delay. Nevertheless, they’re a good way to test the service and ensure reliability.

FXStreet Signals’ vision is to be the leading provider of Forex information. The company was founded in 2000 and has grown to include more than 30 employees and collaborators. The major currency pairs FXStreet Signals deals with are USDJPY, EURJPY, and GBPUSD. In addition, it offers a contact form and phone number for inquiries.

Win rate

If you are looking for a forex signal service that gives you top-notch analysis and predictions, FXStreet Signal is a good choice. It has been around since 2000 and provides its customers expert advice on how to profit from forex trading. The service offers both free and premium signals. In addition, its creators claim that each signal contains at least one potential trading opportunity.

The service has a reputation for delivering accurate signals that are often right on target. Its platform is user-friendly and technologically advanced. The company provides signals for time frames ranging from minutes to days. It also claims to have a high win rate. DDMarkets, founded in 2014, is a newer Forex signal service that also claims a high win rate. In addition, its competitive prices make it one of the cheapest options available to traders.