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FXTM Investment Review


Trading with FXTM

One of the benefits of trading with FXTM is its low commission fees. The account opening and withdrawal limits are the same as those for deposits. Withdrawals are subject to fees, varying depending on the country and currency. The micro and advantage plus accounts charge no commission fees. Withdrawals require a verification code.

FXTM has several accounts available. Besides the standard and micro accounts, the company offers Islamic and Professional accounts. The minimum account deposit is $10. The company also offers ECN accounts with a low spread of zero pips. In addition, it offers a proprietary copy trading platform. Finally, if you want to test your trading strategy on live markets, FXTM offers a $30 credit to start you out.

Trading with FXTM can be a challenging experience. With a variety of options available, it is essential to be informed when it comes to forex. Moreover, it is essential to understand that trading is risky and fast-moving. However, knowing what you’re doing can be very rewarding.


If you’re a beginner in the foreign exchange market, the FXTM Invest program can help you get started in the market. It has a flexible trading system that is perfect for those with limited patience and time. In addition, the program automatically copies the trading pattern of a trader, so you’ll be making profits whenever that trader does.

The FXTM platform offers several account types. You can choose between Standard or ECN Zero accounts. Both come with their own set of fees. Standard accounts incur fees based on the spread. These fees range from 0.1 pips on Shares to 1.5 pips on Cent accounts. They’re also tied to the amount of leverage you can use and max volume. Other options are the ECN Zero and Pro accounts, which charge zero commissions but require a minimum deposit of $25,000 to open. There are also fees associated with withdrawals, which vary by method.

FXTM is an online trading platform that lets investors invest in the currency market. It uses a Dealing Desk technology, has deep interbank liquidity, and allows traders to use Expert Advisors and Logarithmic Trading. FXTM currently offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the USD currency pair. However, it plans to offer a more comprehensive selection of crypto coins. It also offers bonuses for residents of certain countries.

Account types

There are different account types at FXTM, and each has pros and cons. A beginner account is best for people new to trading and is ideal for those not ready to deposit a large sum of money. A beginner account will have lower spreads and a low minimum deposit and be able to trade in micro lots. Traders with more experience should look for higher minimum deposits and tighter spreads.

A beginner can open an account with FXTM with a low deposit of 10 USD. In addition, they will have instant execution. This type of account is available only for MT4 and spreads similar to a Micro Account with other brokers. Also, there is a limitation to the amount of leverage they allow you to use. However, if you have enough experience in the financial services industry, you can open an MT5 account and start trading stocks. This type of account also limits your leverage to 1:1000, so it may not be the best option for people looking to trade stocks.

FXTM’s Advantage Account advantages include low commissions and no extra fees. As an ECN broker, this account has zero commission and a low commission per lot. The starting commission for a typical Advantage account at FXTM is $4.88/lot, but the commission will go lower as you increase your trading volume. Another benefit of an Advantage account is the zero commission on fund deposits. In addition, this account allows you to trade stock and CFD Indices for no commission.

Copy trading service

Copy trading is a social phenomenon that allows investors to replicate the trading strategies of professional traders. This process is automated, so users do not have to input trades. Instead, they copy the trades of another trader in real-time. This ensures that their returns match those of the chosen trader.

This service offers users access to over 1000 financial instruments. It also lets them customize the amount they invest and the details of their trades. The platform lets users follow industry news, find information from their broker’s public channels, and message other traders. This can be a valuable tool for those new to trading, as it can help them gain knowledge from those who are more experienced.

The FXTM Invest platform allows users to add strategies of their choice. The program will then copy these strategies, deducting 10 percent of their profits for the strategy manager. While copy trading can be beneficial, it’s best to have basic trading knowledge to get the most out of it. Also, it’s best to avoid trading with a demo account.