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Gazebo Dhaba Menu


Gazebo Dhaba offers a vast array of platters for a feast fit for a king. The huge platters are available in all sizes and can accommodate up to 20 people. Each platter starts with an assortment of mixed kebabs, naan, and rice varieties. As the meal goes on, the selection of platters grows, as do the varieties of dishes. To top it all off, you can order the Arabian custard.

Authentic North Indian cuisine

You can enjoy a delicious meal at this popular restaurant while appreciating the vibrant flavors of a traditional Indian Dhaba. Authentic North Indian cuisine is known for its spice and aromatic flavors. It also features thick gravy preparation and uses a range of fresh ingredients to give you an authentic taste of India. This restaurant also offers a variety of drinks and cocktails. In addition to the traditional Indian fare, you can also indulge in the new-age fusion cuisine served here.

Gazebo Dhaba is a popular restaurant in Dubai where you can enjoy an extensive array of authentic Indian dishes. It is an institution of the UAE’s Indian food scene and has a rich legacy in catering to discerning customers. Among the many delicious dishes on its menu are Murgh Gulzar Kebab, Afghani Murgh, Kesari Murgh Tikka, and Gajar Ka Halwa. The restaurant is also known for its catering services and has many locations across the UAE.

Authentic North Indian cuisine at Gazebo Dhaba is a must-try if you want to experience the true flavor of authentic Indian cuisine. The price of a meal in a Dhaba will depend on the type of food you order, but it will start at around Rs. 500 for a typical meal. To find Dhaba restaurants near you, simply search the menu on the site and choose your preferred location. You can browse their menus and see their delivery options, discounts, and other offers.

The Gazebo Dhaba is the perfect choice for a family meal. This restaurant is close to Reliance Petrol Pump and offers a complete family menu. The restaurant has sukkahs for parties and a beautiful garden that surrounds the restaurant. The pavilion has children’s and adult resorts and even a special menu with treats for mutton. The restaurant also offers a complimentary dessert.

Massive platters

The massive platters on Gazebo Dhaba’s menu are just the start. The menu features an assortment of kebabs, naan, and various rice varieties. The enormous plates serve as a meal for up to 20 people. Upon ordering one of the platters, you can choose from various rice options and add a salad or Arabian custard.

The Gazebo is a family-friendly restaurant near the Reliance Petrol Pump. It offers a full family menu, hukkahs for parties, and a garden surrounding the restaurant. Kids can enjoy a poolside party, and adults can dine in an elegant gazebo-styled resort. The restaurant offers a special treat for mutton lovers and has a separate menu for adults.

The Gazebo Dhaba is known for its famous Dum Pukht Biryani, the first to be introduced to the UAE. Apart from this signature dish, Gazebo also offers a wide selection of Kababs, aromatic Biryanis, and delectable Desserts. The menu draws on traditional recipes from the royal kitchens of Awah and Lucknow. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, and a private dining experience can be arranged at any branch.

Vegetarian options

You’ll be happy to hear that there are vegetarian options on Gazebo Dhaba’s menu. This authentic Indian restaurant serves a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The menu features plenty of fresh vegetables and spices for a delicious meal. Vegetarians can enjoy a wide range of masalas and sauces, which include onion, tomatoes, and garlic. For an added touch, try one of the desserts, which is complimentary with every meal.