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Hiring an Ashburn Work Injury Lawyer: When Is It Necessary?


If you have suffered a workplace injury, you could be in a legal battle with your employer. And you are probably consumed whether you need an Ashburn work injury lawyer. A work injury is scary. However, an experienced attorney can help ease your fear and obtain the proper fair compensation for your damage and other losses. Keep reading to know when hiring an injury attorney is necessary:

You Cannot Return to Work Because of Your Injury.

If you sustained a permanent disability because of a job-related injury, you might be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. A successful claim lets you get a huge lump sum or lifetime payments. But it won’t be as easy as getting the compensation you are owed. Insurance providers usually make it hard to get these payments in the hopes that you will give up and settle for less. When this happens, you must have an attorney fighting for your rights.

A Third-Party Claim is Possible

Apart from the possibility of taking legal action against your employer for causing your injury, you can also sue the third party. This is possible when a third party’s negligence contributed to your workplace accident. For instance, if you suffered an injury due to a defective product or machine, you can sue the company that manufactured it. 

You are Confused About the Workers’ Comp Process

Fighting a workers’ comp case can be time-consuming and taxing. It involves plenty of paperwork that can easily overwhelm you. Having a lawyer helping you complete this paperwork can ease the burden you have to carry. With their extensive experience in navigating the legal system, they can guide you through each step of the claim process, handling the most demanding parts on your behalf. Also, their knowledge of the process ensures you can make informed decisions.

You Are Getting Insufficient Benefits

If your employer refuses to give you the benefits you deserve, your lawyer can help you take appropriate action. For example, some claim settlements may not cover medical expenses or lost wages, which leave you footing the bill. An attorney knows what you are entitled to and will do everything to ensure you get it. 

The right work injury lawyer has years of courtroom experience with workers’ compensation cases. They can expertly defend you as you try to recover from your workplace injury. In addition, they ensure the insurance company cannot take advantage of your situation. 

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