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How to Clean Laptop Screens


You may want to clean your laptop with a dedicated screen cleaner solution. These can be purchased at electronics stores in a pump spray bottle. Ensure that these solutions are skin-friendly before using them. Turning your notebook off before cleaning it is also a good idea. This will ensure that you aren’t accidentally pressing too many keys. Unfortunately, this can lead to the accidental deletion of important documents.

Isopropyl alcohol

You shouldn’t use a cleaning solution containing alcohol or other acids when cleaning a laptop screen. Acids can cause the screen to get scratched and smudged. In addition, using window cleaner or highly concentrated alcohol can damage the screen’s reflective coating. Instead, you should use a clean, lint-free cloth or tissue paper to wipe the screen.

You can purchase isopropyl alcohol in a drugstore or buy bottled water at your local supermarket. You should also purchase a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface of your laptop. Alcohol can be sprayed onto a cloth, but it should not be sprayed directly on the computer’s surface. Instead, use a cloth and gently wipe down the affected areas of the screen and the touchpad.

Microfiber cloth

Using a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop is a great way to remove dust. It has more surface area than a traditional cotton cloth and is lint-free, meaning it will not leave any particles behind. Start dusting from one corner of the screen and move to other parts of the screen if necessary. Use a soft rag to avoid scratching the screen, and don’t apply too much pressure.

Using a cleaning solution is a good idea, but it isn’t necessary. A microfiber cloth is perfectly safe for cleaning a laptop screen. If you use a cleaning solution, do not spray it directly onto the screen. Instead, wipe the screen in a circular motion starting at the center and working outwards. You should also avoid using a moist cloth in the corners. Once you have completed cleaning all the screen surfaces, wipe them dry with a dry microfiber cloth.

Compressed air

Compressed air is a very affordable way to clean your laptop. It is a dry, dust-free alternative that is great for cleaning the fans and keyboard. You can purchase compressed air cans at most computer stores or dollar stores. It also works wonders for cleaning keyboards and moving parts.

Compressed air is also great for cleaning the vents and fans on a laptop. Dust can clog these systems, causing the computer to overheat and damage the hardware. To clean them, unscrew the bottom panel of the laptop and blow the air into them. Be careful not to spray too hard, as this can damage the fans. A good cleaning will make your laptop run smoother and faster.

Cleaning your laptop is not difficult. You can buy unique supplies from computer stores, but the simplest way is to use compressed air. Spray the laptop with the air and angle it up. It’s best to spray the air at least one inch away from any internal components, so you don’t end up harming them. Flipping the laptop over to work on the top can also help you clean the inside of the machine.

Ammonia-based cleaners

Ammonia-based cleaners can damage your laptop’s screen if misused. It will seep into the corners and thin layers and can cause black spots and permanent discoloration. It can also destroy the membrane on your touch screen, resulting in the screen not functioning correctly. Using a mild cleaning solution is the best way to clean your laptop’s screen. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the solution. Once the cleaner is absorbed into the cloth, wipe it with a circular motion. If necessary, you can also rinse the screen to prevent any damage.

If you have an asthma condition, ammonia can cause a severe allergic reaction or cause skin irritation. Therefore, you should always wear protective clothing and respiratory protection while using this chemical. Ammonia can also be harmful when mixed with other chemicals. For example, avoid mixing ammonia with bleach because it can produce chloramine gas, which is highly toxic and can cause breathing problems, rashes, and nausea.

Swiffer(r) duster

A Swiffer(r) duster is an excellent cleaning product for laptops and other electronic devices. Unlike other materials, such as microfiber cloth, a Swiffer duster is made of thousands of tiny polyester fibers and will not scratch your screen. You can purchase one online or at your local electronic store.

The Swiffer Duster works by catching dust in one easy step. This tool has flexible microfibers that easily clean crevices around your monitor’s frame. It also can clean the hinge that connects your laptop’s base to the stand. It is a simple and convenient cleaning solution that will keep your laptop screen looking as good as new.