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JibberJobber was designed by Jason Alba and serves as an organizational tool for job hunters. This product helps individuals stay organized while improving their follow-up. Based on CRM software used by salespeople to manage relationships and follow-up opportunities, it serves job hunters similarly.

Track jobs you apply to, build a target company list and communicate with networking contacts. Also featured is social media integration for Twitter to find and manage job leads.

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CareerShift is an application designed to aid job hunters in managing the job search process more effectively. Users can track applications and log the status of each submission; organize contacts, companies, and jobs; and access resources for interview preparation. Founded by Jason Alba in 2006 in Houston, Texas.

At his first accurate job search, Jason realized staying organized and following up on leads was challenging. Frustrated with the lack of available job search tools, he developed his own. Initially intended as an easy way for job seekers to keep track of applications and follow up, his software soon evolved into a comprehensive network management tool.

JibberJobber’s networking and relationship management features enable job seekers to build their brand while networking with potential employers and future employees. It records job searches, resumes, and cover letters submitted and follow-up reminders. Plus, there’s even a free mobile version to stay in touch while moving!

CareerShift’s search tools enable you to locate jobs and internships not advertised on Handshake quickly. Furthermore, this search can expand your target list of companies by size, revenue, location, and industry; discover companies that match your interests and goals; and locate companies not yet on Handshake but still present in your region.


Whether job-hunting or not, keeping track of everyone in your professional network is essential to successfully manage the search process, job interviews, and company research effectively, with Jobspeaker as your free tool for keeping in contact and organizing the hunting process efficiently. Never again forget an interview or important contact.

An active job seeker designed Jobspeaker for active job seekers. It offers features such as an online calendar with reminder emails, an email reminder system, and a mobile application compatible with all major platforms. Furthermore, Jobspeaker features private social networking capabilities so that you can manage who can see your contacts – providing greater control over who can access job searches and follow-ups.

As part of an interview, candidates must ask the appropriate questions, which can make or break their chances of landing the desired position. A well-formulated question will not only showcase knowledge about the company but will also highlight skills and experience.

After an interview, you must follow up with recruiters. Doing so will show the company your interest and interest level in applying to their role and give recruiters more chances to match you with employment.

After an interview, you must ask the hiring manager if they have any queries. This lets you obtain more information about the company and assess if it fits your career aspirations. If this question leaves you feeling uncertain of your response, use these helpful hints as guidance:

Jobspeaker offers unique benefits that enable jobseekers to meet employers’ requirements for talent acquisition. One such feature is their skills profile which matches jobseeker knowledge with employer requirements; such skills may have been acquired at work, school, or through an internship opportunity and validated by employer partners or agency representatives.


LinkedIn is widely known as a social media platform for its business and employment-centric features. As an ideal place for networking with potential employers, recruiters, headhunters, and headhunters, this versatile tool can be accessed via computer, smartphone, or tablet and boasts over 250 million professionals as users, thus becoming one of the most critical business tools available today.

JibberJobber is a relationship management service for job seekers that helps them organize and do better follow-up when job hunting. Modeled after CRM software that salespeople use to manage customers and prospects, this tool allows job hunters to track contacts they meet during job searching, target companies they apply to, and any correspondence regarding each application made to the employer.

Staying organized while searching for employment can be challenging, mainly if working with multiple recruiters and career coaches. With JibberJobber, you can keep track of every application submitted, each company you applied to, interviews you have had with specific people, and their statuses as contacts.

This tool can assist in finding the ideal position that matches your skills and experience. Twitter offers excellent options to create job search lists of recruiters, hiring managers, company hiring handles, job apps, and resume updates so that your job search is flourishing and you are prepared to seize any opportunities! Taking advantage of all available resources makes job hunting much more straightforward – and when an opportunity does present itself, you’ll be ready to maximize it as soon as it arises!


Twitter is a social networking service that allows you to update your status and share information with others easily. You can use it to build your brand and grow your network; however, managing these contacts can be daunting, and JibberJobber can help manage them and assist with job searching efforts.

JibberJobber was created by Jason Alba during his initial job search in January 2006. Based on CRM software, it allows users to effectively manage and optimize their job search while building network relationships. Features of this application include application management, tracking company hiring handles, and logging the status of applications.