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Kagwerks Phone Case Review


Kagwerks is a company that specializes in field case solutions for electronic devices. Their primary target audience is Android systems since that’s what most of their clients/end users use.

Tactical Edition phones are purposefully constructed for any operational environment, featuring military-grade features that seamlessly connect them with tactical radios, drone feeds, and laser range finders. Furthermore, they come equipped with programmable side keys and support FirstNet services.


KAGWERKS provides cases to make electronic devices more rugged for field use, with particular attention paid to Android systems as they have become the majority choice among operators. Their products are specifically tailored for frontline soldiers; during last week’s FR Roadshow near Fredericksburg, VA I got a chance to see their brand new Dock-Lite for Galaxy S20 which integrates intra-soldier wireless (ISW), three programmable buttons and is dust, shock and immersion-rated – something I experienced first hand during an opportunity at their new Dock-Lite for Galaxy S20 which integrates ISW protocol along with three programmable buttons and is designed for front line soldier use by frontline soldiers!

Ideal for airsoft and milsim impressions, this device features both MOLLE mounting capabilities and a cable retention sleeve to stay out of your way while your mission unfolds. Rated to withstand all elements such as the Arctic, Desert, or even 25,000+ feet altitude conditions.

Coffee or Die Magazine recently met up with Schwindel at Kagwerks’ headquarters in Camas, Washington, to explore his journey from breaking doors down in the 2nd Ranger Battalion to designing gear used by frontline troops. We’ll learn how he made the switch and see how his company has progressed since.

Kagwerks recently unveiled their Dock-Lite EUD mount for the Galaxy S9. Available exclusively through Federal Resources, this mount allows unit and agency purchases of an EUD mount that works seamlessly with the ATAK application, allowing users to communicate with one another across networks, plot overlays, mark locations or enemy positions on maps, drop pictures or points of interest on maps as well as more.

Water Resistant

KAGWERKS’ military-grade phone case was created to keep you connected in even the harshest environments. Constructed of high-strength polycarbonate materials and featuring ruggedized, low-profile construction for maximum protection and tactical edge – whether in an arctic climate, desert setting, or at over 25.000 feet altitude, it will work seamlessly!

This case features a MOLLE mount and cable retention sleeve for cable management, along with dust, shock, and immersion resistance rating – making it the ideal companion for active duty service members, airsofters, or milsim impressionists alike.

As part of this week’s FR roadshow, we met up with Kagwerks’ team led by Schwindel and learned about their journey, from working in Iraq and Afghanistan to designing gear used by frontline forces. Watch our interview video above for all of our insights!

Shock Absorbing

KAGWERKS is a company that creates field case solutions for electronic devices to withstand harsh conditions in military environments but also provides cases for civilian customers. Their designs center around Android systems as they’re the dominant choice among service members; located in Washington state with high-grade materials used in production, their cases provide safe protection for electronics used during combat missions.

KAGWERKS Galaxy S20 Operators Kit provides military-grade protection with a minimal profile for tactical advantage. Its MOLLE mount is tested against dust, shock, and immersion; additionally, it comes equipped with a cable retention sleeve and three programmable buttons; intra-soldier wireless (ISW) connectivity is integrated into its 3-port hub.

This case is ideal for anyone who must remain available and on call at all times, protecting against drops, bumps, and other mistreatment of their phone, with its micro-etched matte texture that offers both tactile and durable protection. Plus, this model has a slight rise for better screen access as well as covering buttons to provide extra safety measures.

After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Schwindel founded Kagwerks as a company to produce tactical gear for frontline soldiers. According to Coffee or Die Magazine, his goal was to design durable products that could perform in any environment.


KAGWERKS of Washington State provides field case solutions for electronic devices used by military personnel on the frontlines. Most of its solutions revolve around Android systems, supporting applications like ATAK that allow users to utilize satellite imagery and Google maps for communication and planning operations as well as sharing overlays, marking enemy positions/obstacles on maps, dropping pictures at specific locations on maps and talking with others over voice/video chat systems – among many more features.

Samsung has developed two ruggedized mobile solutions designed to assist military personnel in fulfilling their mission goals. Equipped with special software to protect classified information and ensure users remain safe in demanding environments, they feature seamless connectivity to tactical radios, drone feeds, external GPS units, and AT&T’s FirstNet — an AT&T nationwide communications network designed by and for the Department of Defense — while featuring programmable side keys and 5G band-locking mode to prevent LTE and e-911 signals from transmitting.

Dock your KTAc case as a robust robotic controller for untethered operation, either as a chest mount or detachable to carry in pockets or held with one hand. Its modular design can integrate with Nett Warrior USB ecosystems for both tethered and untethered operations, as well as other tactical software, including ATAK for situational awareness purposes or Kutta’s Unified Communications Suite for operational planning purposes.

KTAC can be outfitted with various tactical accessories, such as laser pointers and camera mounts. Additionally, its IP 67 rating ensures it can withstand even the harshest environments, while its modular design allows it to quickly reconfigure into different configurations for dismounted operations or patrolling operations.