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Kodaikanal Tour Package From Bangalore


No matter if it’s for short or extended family holidays from Bangalore, our Kodaikanal tour package is an excellent option. Enjoy sights such as Coaker’s Walk and Green Valley View tours, as well as visit Pillar Rocks and Devil’s Kitchen before exploring Pine Forest and Guna Caves – making our Kodaikanal package one of our top recommendations! Check out the Best info about Goibibo.

Kodai Lake

Kodai Lake, an artificial lake formed into a star shape by Sir Henry Levinge, who was a collector of Madurai in 1863, is one of Kodaikanal’s most significant geographical landmarks.

Lake Poonch is an oasis amidst lush forests that offers unparalleled scenic beauty to tourists. Furthermore, this lake has long been considered an excellent spot for fishing enthusiasts to try their luck.

Tourists can relax by walking or cycling around Kodai Lake. There are several eateries nearby where visitors can dine while taking in its tranquil beauty. Members of Kodai Lake Boat Club can even go boating!

Coaker’s Walk

Kodaikanal is an idyllic destination for nature enthusiasts, offering lush flora and stunning landscapes – featuring popular Kurinji flowers, cascading waterfalls, and spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

Coaker’s Walk, a one-kilometer paved pathway that winds along the southern slope of Hill Station’s southern hillside, runs from Van Allen Hospital all the way up to St Peter’s Church and back again.

The walkway features a Telescope House, which offers breathtaking views of the valley and nearby towns. Open throughout the week; admission costs just 10 rupees for adults or 20 rupees if bringing your camera along; parking facilities are also provided here. Obtain the Best information about MakeMyTrip.

Green Valley View

Green Valley View (previously Suicide Point) provides breathtaking views of the valleys below and is a must-visit location for nature enthusiasts. Don’t miss its mesmerizing panorama of Vaigai Dam!

This stunning viewpoint can be found near Kodaikanal Lake and along the road leading to Pillar Rocks. Inhabited by monkeys, it offers homemade chocolates, ornaments, and an abundance of flowers. There are even shops providing handmade items.

Rooms at Happy Huts at Green Valley View include their private bathrooms, and complimentary parking is also provided onsite. Furthermore, this homestay has made significant investments and efforts towards sustainability. Often the Amazing fact about airbnb.

Pillar Rocks

Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal is one of the must-see attractions, boasting three impressive granite pillars standing shoulder-to-shoulder to offer stunning panoramic views over its surroundings. Numerous hidden corners are great fun to explore!

The rocks also boast a small garden filled with blooming flowers all year long, providing an ideal picnic spot for family trips. Additionally, its beauty is further heightened by fog or mist, which sometimes shrouds them.

Devil’s Kitchen

Our representative will meet you at Bangalore Airport or Railway Station and accompany you on your tour of Ooty and Kodaikanal, offering romantic conversations while taking in breathtaking sights from your luxury vehicle. Enjoy this romantic journey in style!

Start your day right by enjoying a hearty breakfast and exploring various enchanting attractions such as Coaker’s Walk, Green Valley View, Pillar Rocks, Pine Forest, Bear Shola Falls, Chettiar Park, Kurunji Andavar Temple, and Silver Cascade Waterfalls before being transported back to your hotel for an enjoyable evening stay.

Pine Forest

Discover the wonder of nature with an exciting trip to Kodaikanal. Start your trip by strolling Coaker’s Walk and marveling at lush valley views; next, visit Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint and Guna Caves to witness native flora; finish up by spending an evening admiring Silver Cascade Falls’ cascading waters!

Refresh your senses on an excursion to Kodaikanal, known as the “Princess of Hill Stations.” Savor mouth-watering food while relaxing your mind during this Bangalore Kodaikanal tour package from MakeMyTrip. All our packages can easily be tailored according to your specific requirements and budget.

Pambar Falls

Pambar Falls is one of Kodaikanal’s most impressive waterfalls and has earned itself the nickname ‘Grand Cascade.’ At over 60 hectares in area, these remarkable water masses make an eye-catching feature at this hill station.

Start your day right and explore Kodaikanal with an extravagant breakfast and sightseeing adventure! Visit its picturesque surroundings – Pillar Rocks, Pine Forests, Kurunji Andavar Temples, Silver Cascade Falls, and Bryant Park are among the attractions you must see – before touring Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint to be inspired by its scenic vistas!

Upper Lake View

Upper Lake View is one of Kodaikanal’s premier tourist spots, providing breathtaking views of both its surroundings and of Kodaikanal itself. Additionally, this location makes an excellent backdrop for photography.

Other places of interest in the vicinity include Coaker’s Walk, Green Valley View, Golf course, Pillar Rocks (Guna Cave), Pine Forest (Cine shooting place), Shanthi Valley View, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Chettiar Park, and Bryant Park – this trip can be tailored specifically to suit your interests.

At breakfast time, you will be transferred back to Bangalore Airport/Railway Station for your return journey.

Kurunji Andavar Temple

Kurunji Andavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Muruga or Andavar in Tamil, is a revered spiritual site in Kodaikanal. It takes its name from its iconic purple flowers that bloom once every 12 years – giving Kodaikanal its distinctive hue.

Religious tourists must visit this temple. Additionally, it serves as the leading site for an annual summer festival that draws crowds of devotees seeking the Lord’s blessings. Additionally, its incredible views offer breathtaking vistas of Northern Plains and Palani Hills; plus, you’ll discover delicious eateries such as Pastry Corner, Muncheez, and Cafe Cariappa nearby!

Chettiar Park

Chettiar Park, managed by Kodaikanal township, offers visitors a tranquil and soothing environment for relaxation. Perfect for visiting with loved ones to spend quality time, this park boasts exotic flowering plants such as Kurinji flowers – known for creating their distinct purple haze around gardens every 12 years!

This garden features decked floors dedicated to flowers and lush green lawns that leave visitors amazed and enchanted. Situated near Kurunji Andavar Temple, the park makes for an idyllic destination that leaves tourists speechless.